Sprayed Coperni dress and Bella Hadid


Paris fashion week made its entry in the books of fashion history when Bella Hadid closed the French label Coperni’s spring summer- 2023 show with a spray painted dress in front of a live audience. 

Spray-On Dress in Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week
Image Source- VOI

The supermodel walked boldly on the runway wearing nothing but nude underwear when the creator of patented spray-on technology, Fabricant, Manel Torres came out with two other scientists. They applied a misty liquid that transformed itself into a wearable material.

It took the team almost 10 minutes and the audience was mesmerized by their thoughts and they were not sure what to expect. Charlotte Raymond, the label’s head of design walked at the end to add a finishing touch to the neckline while it was still dry. It gave the final wearing a dramatic leg slit. From afar, the dress looked comfy and airy. The dress had no seams or hem. Gentle texturing and reminiscent of water droplets were visible out of the sprayed dress on the model. 

Spray on dress on Bella Hadid
Image Source- Bored Panda

Coperni’s creative director and co-founder – Sebastien Meyer told the media “You can wear this dress, keep it as a dress, and put it on a hanger. But if you don’t want it anymore, you can put back the dress into the liquid and you can immediately spray it again.”

Image Source- Hypebeast

This material was developed in the early 2000s. Synthetic polymers are bound together with short fibers and then they are mixed with liquid solvents. The mixture immediately evaporates once the aerosol hits the skin or any other surface. Although the dress isn’t for sale yet, the creators have said that it was important to push the boundaries of fashion and technology and create an unerasable moment in the history of fashion


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