Sri Lanka to reinforce security ties with India amidst China’s increasing threat


As the stretch of China’s trace increases in Sri Lanka, the island country counts on augmenting defence and security affiliation with India.

China’s growing predatory policies and development projects in the northern territory of Sri Lanka could be evident intimidation to India as well.

China’s vigorous attempts at broadening its horizons in the northern province of Sri Lanka, camouflaging the exploitative intent, have become a threat to Lanka and India.

Initially, Chinese projects were substantially restrained to the southern parts of Sri Lanka. The Gotabaya Rajapaksa government has recently started promoting discrete ventures of China, shunning the faith of the resident Tamilians there.

As per the sources of the Indian security operation, after a prudent invasion into Sri Lanka, China is diligently working towards installing occupancy on Sri Lanka in the closest proximity of the Indian coast.

China being a common security threat, Sri Lanka has now volunteered to address the concern and intends at boosting security cooperation with India.

A consolidated country strategy paper framed under the new high commissioner of Sri Lanka, Milinda Moragoda, exclaims for regular joint military exercises, additional high-level military exchanges, implementing India’s $50 million anti-terrorism preset lines of credit and also for expanding the staff complement defence.

The unoccupancy at the Lankan high commissioner office triggered some consequential conflict in bilateral links.

Sri Lanka exclusively shut out India and Japan from the Colombo port’s East Container Terminal project, which the three countries undertook to develop in cooperation in the tripartite agreement.

The $50 million particular lines of credit announced in 2019 (by India) for anti-terrorism activities are yet to be used soberly; LOC in the defence sector is being channelled.
Moragoda has meant to address the trust deficit charged by the closeness of the Rajapaksa family with China utilizing a strategy proposition in front of president Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The recommendation supposedly defines essential exercises for Sri Lanka’s mission in India.

According to the sources, it solicits to augment the association to a strategic plane by extending bilateral cooperation in defence and Indian Ocean maritime security in the interest of preserving Sri Lanka’s strategic affairs.

Reset in India’s and Sri Lanka’s Relations

Accomplishment tasks for the Lankan commissions have procured and completely availed all training berths provided by the Indian defence ministry, and looking forward to new training opportunities in collaboration with India’s paramilitary forces and the police.

One of the cardinal intents is to authenticate the synergic relations via periodic high-level political tours between the two countries and amplify coordination with India at the multilateral level.

The paper calls for a surpassing and negotiable viewpoint that has constantly influenced the bilateral relationship and get to grips with the budding trust deficiency in the geopolitical symmetry.

Furthermore, it has been alleged to iron out the subject of externally displaced Tamil residents of Sri Lanka.

The appearance of Tamil externally dislodged people from Sri Lanka in India, specifically in the country’s southern province, Tamil Nadu, has induced additional complexities.

Considering the escalation in Chinese economic ventures and contemplated infrastructure development plans in the Northern parts of Sri Lanka, a considerable threat of exploitation for deliberate purposes is inevitably a concern for both countries.

Present circumstances have given rise to the concern, should India regard Sri Lanka’s plea of strengthening partnership in tackling the disputes, to re-establish peace and security in the realm for the common benefit or not.

It is undoubtedly a topic and an excellent opportunity to discuss the issue prevailing to the cooperation in the security and defence sector.

Divya Shit
Divya Shit
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