Sri Lankan Prime Minister thanks Tamil Nadu CM 


Tamil Nadu extends humanitarian aid in the form of essential commodities to Sri Lanka 

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Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lankan Prime Minister has thanked MK Stalin, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. This was for the help Stalin extended by providing humanitarian aid to Srilanka. Srilanka is currently facing its worst economic crisis since Independence. 

In a letter written to Stalin on 4 May this year, Rajapaksa said that the move to send essentials like food, medicines and other items was a sign of the Chief Minister’s good intentions. Rajapaksa wrote, “I wish to thank you and the Tamil Nadu government on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka, for viewing the country’s crisis from a humanitarian standpoint, rather than as a problem concerning another country.” 

In April, Tamil Nadu assembly unanimously passed a motion to send 123 crore rupees worth of relief material to Sri Lanka. The relief material included rice, life-saving drugs and milk powder. Tamil Nadu and Rajapaksa government is known to have hostility between them due to the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils at the hands of the Rajapaksa government. The administration is accused of committing huge scale war crimes against Tamils during the civil war. Despite this Tamil Nadu decided to send humanitarian support to the country in need. 

However, this decision came after Tamil politicians in Sri Lanka asked the Tamil Nadu CM to extend the support to all and not just Tamils. The earlier proposed plan included help only for Sri Lankan Tamils.  

Stalin responded by saying “Sri Lankan Tamil leaders and Tamil organisations made a request that we send support to all Sri Lankans because people of all ethnicities are suffering in this crisis. When I heard that, I was moved. I could not control my emotions. This is the culture of Tamilians.” 

Srilanka is currently going through one of its worst economic crises. The lack of forex reserves makes it nearly impossible for the country to import its necessities. This has resulted in severe shortages of basic commodities like food, fuel and medicines.  

On 31 March, Stalin visited Prime Minister Modi to inform Tamil Nadu’s intention to extend help to Srilanka and seek permission for the same. 

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