Supreme Courts Confirm Its Nine New Judges, To Take Oath On Tuesday


For the first time in the history of appointing judges, all the nine recommended names have been approved by the government, making the working strength 33 from 24.

The Central Government is believed to have cleared all the nine names suggested by the Supreme Court Collegium for appointment to the Supreme Court.

After the appointment, the functional strength of the Supreme Court’s Judges rises from 24 to 33, leaving one vacancy. The judges will take oath on Tuesday, 31st August 2021.

The Supreme Court Collegium comprises Chief Justice N.V Ramana and Justice U Lalit, A.M Khanwilkar, D Y Chandrachud and L Nageswara Rao. They had recommended nine names, including eight high court judges and a lawyer, to elevate the supreme court judge list.

Judges of Supreme court

The below-mentioned Judges have completed the elevation process and will go on to proceed in the Supreme Court.

Women Judges

  1. Chief Justice of Telangana High Court, Justice Hima Kohli
  2. Karnataka High Court Judge, Justice B V Nagarathna
  3. Gujarat High Court Judge, Justice Bela Trivedi

From Bar

  1. Senior Advocate P S Narasimha

High Court Judges and Chief Justices

  1. Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, Justice A S Oka
  2. Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court, Justice Vikram Nath
  3. Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court, Justice J K Maheshwari
  4. Kerala High Court Judge, Justice C T Ravi Kumar
  5. Madras High Court Judge, Justice M M Sundresh

In a first

Out of nine, the list included three names who would go onto become the Chief Justice of India (CJI) – Justice Vikram Nath, Justice B V Nagarathna and P S Narasimha

The list included three women judges- of whom Justice B V Nagarathna could go on to become the FIRST WOMEN CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA, though only for over a month – from 25th September to 29th October 2027.

If Justice Nath or Narasimha become the chief justice of India, with short tenures, Narasimha, who was also an Additional Solicitor General, would be the second direct appointee to occupy the top post.

P S Narasimha will also be the third person directly appointed from the Bar to the Chief Justice of India.

On 17th August, during the Collegium meeting, the Supreme Court had nine vacant positions, but the retirement of Justice Navin Shah on 18th August rolled it up to ten vacancies.

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