Taliban is Inside the Presidential Palace Now


A few hours ago, this video went viral, representing the current condition of Afghan citizens trying to escape through Kabul Airport. This is the only route they can approach to escape a land captured by the Taliban.

Taliban representatives already cover all the road checkpoints to prevent such escapes.

Millions of localities have become refugees trying to run away for their lives. These involve the local Muslims who are against the Taliban laws and some minorities like Sikhs and Hindus.

But, how did the situation become so worse?

Taliban Is Inside The Presidential Palace Now

This Sunday, the Taliban was successful in their years-long battle to take entire Afghanistan under their rule. This became more prominent when Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani left the country.

It happened immediately after the Taliban troops took control of the presidential palace. President said that he had to leave his homeland to avoid bloodshed.

The way they were considering the way officials under his government and ministers in the previous wars were treated can be claimed as a wise move taken by Mr Ghani.

However, the way he left the country is being criticized by many officials there. He left the presidential palace with his confidants without informing any political leaders.

These are the people who supported him to retain his power through the entire war against the Taliban. It came as a blow to all of them because they were in the process of negotiating a peaceful transition of power with the Taliban representatives.

Ghani’s long time rival, Abdullah, also criticized his move and said they had pleaded with Ghani before to make the compromise; however, Ghani never agreed. In the end, he lost his position anyway.

His critics are now blaming his way of governance for the massacre that has occurred in Afghanistan. A more peaceful way of transition of power was possible, they said.

This move has helped the Taliban officially declare their win against the government. Afghanistan will now be governed under the rules decided by the Taliban, which are suggested by Islam according to them.

Following that, radio stations there have to play Islamic music now. One’s hands can be chopped off for acts like vandalism. Girls are not allowed to attend schools any longer.

The ladies are only supposed to leave their house in Burqa or Hijab and have a male companion. 

There have also been reports by local news which claimed that the Taliban troops recently killed a woman for not dressing appropriately.

Although, this hasn’t been confirmed by any officials yet. As per Taliban representatives’ interviews given to the BBC news, they will not harm the civilians.

But, a video has gone viral just now which showed a female filmmaker running to save her life, saying, “they’re coming for us.” So, it is hard to confirm the future agenda the Taliban has for the people of Afghanistan.

Maybe, such news will now become a daily reality for this generation of Afghanistan. Or perhaps, will spare them a day or two will spare them a day or two. But there is no denial in accepting that; it’s the biggest tragedy of recent times. 

Rajal Brahmbhatt
Rajal Brahmbhatt
I want to make words fun, someday! Yes, you heard that right. Being someone who panicked every time she saw a book with more than 200 pages, over the years I have 'suffered' for not knowing enough. To remove that, I decided to start the journey of going through those heavy books - few pages at a time. Soon, I realised I was in love. I was in love with the art, the style, the emotions, the metaphors and everything that made me a better person in the end. That's where the idea struck me - Why not take this relationship to the next stage? So these days, I try to scribble on every paper I can find to make some sense out of life. What makes me a good(ish) writer? Efforts, I guess. Believe me, I never stop trying :)


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