The Legacy Of Malcolm X’s Criminal Justice Reform Is Still Haunting America

The Legacy Of Malcolm X's Criminal Justice Reform Is Still Haunting America
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The dismissals of two Black men convicted for the assassination of Malcolm X have a significant impact on race relations in America. Until these cases were reopened, many people believed that there was no justice regarding matters related to law enforcement and criminal justice system bias against certain groups or ethnicities. Now we know better because along comes The Nation who has been fighting tirelessly from day one -56 years ago-to right this terrible wrong!

For years, experts have called for a new investigation into the 1965 assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X.

With this in mind and following a decades-long effort by historians across America who are also passionate about justice being served for their fallen ancestors’ sake.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office reopened its long-closed case on February 21st 2019, when it arrested two men believed to be involved with killing one of our nation’s most beloved leaders – Martin Luther King Jr (1957).

What are the new reasons come out after all these years?

The New York Times has uncovered new evidence which they say could exonerate two men who were convicted in 1966, Muhammad A. Aziz and Khalil Islam (formerly Norman 3X Butler).

The 22-month investigation conducted by the DA’s office with lawyers on behalf of these clients revealed that after Malcolm X was killed, law enforcement withheld vital information from defence teams which would have made a jury find them not guilty!

Legacy of Malcolm X: America's Criminal Justice System
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(left) Mohammad Aziz, (right) Khalil Islam known as Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson in 1960’s

Aziz, Islam and a third man — Mujahid Abdul Halim (known as Talmadge Hayer) was convicted. For years Aziz said he did nothing wrong while his co-defendant claimed they were innocent of any wrongdoing in the assassination plot against Malcolm X.

The Pothole:

The recent inquiry uncovered FBI documents including information that implicated others rather than these two men at trial or even after being found guilty because their innocence could not be proven due to conflicting accounts given by other suspects involved with similar crimes committed during this period who is now dead without ever having faced justice themselves for what happened between them!

Prosecutors’ notes indicate that undercover officers were present at the time of the shooting.

Police department files also showed a local reporter got a call from someone meaning they had information about Malcolm X being killed soon, which came true.

Investigators interviewed an eye witness who backed up Aziz’s alibi and found there was additional material not disclosed before these new pieces to investigate if it would have led to acquittals in court since jurors don’t want anyone falsely accused going through what he went through either, so this should be enough for conviction!

Cyrus Vance, the outgoing Manhattan DA in office for many years now and has seen plenty of changes throughout that period, publicly apologized.

“This points to how law enforcement often fails its responsibilities as we’ve experienced with these men not getting their just deserts,” he said, referring specifically those injustices against significant crimes committed by police officers.

The Results:

On Thursday, New York Supreme Court Administrative Judge Ellen Biben granted the motion to vacate Aziz and Islam’s convictions in a case she described as “offensive.”

Vance apologized for her failure “to hold law enforcement officials accountable” during a hearing last month when she refused their request that these men be granted new trials based on newly discovered evidence.

Although it cannot restore what was taken away from them years ago -their freedom-, hopefully, this corrective measure will begin a process begun by correcting records where justice may yet prevail eventually.

About Malcolm X:

In life, Malcolm X became a public intellectual and civil rights activist. He accused the justice system of mistreating black people – which is why it makes sense that he would fight so hard in death as well.

His funeral was attended by family members from around America who were there to mourn their fallen hero; many of them had themselves been mistreated during past generations because they could not make enough money or get ahead without oppression stopping them at every turn.

Malcolm X’s 1965 assassination continues to be one of the most traumatic episodes in American history.

His death came just as he was ascending to notoriety and left many people wondering if it could have been prevented had his life not ended so violently at such a young age with no closure for those who loved him, or justice served on whoever committed this crime.

The case has remained unsolved ever since – reflecting both how often racism played into police investigations (and) criminally negligent behaviour by law enforcement officers sworn upon protect us all but instead seemed more interested in covering their tracks.

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