TMC leader Anubrata Mondal is under arrest by CBI; shows false prescription


Birbhum district president Anubrata Mondal was arrested by CBI on Thursday for cattle smuggling. The doctor who provided him with a false prescription confessed that he was coerced into it.

Anubrata Mondal responded to the CBI’s summons by providing copies of prescriptions saying that he cannot appear before two weeks. Dr. Chandranath Adhikari of Bolpur sub-divisional hospital alleged to press that he was coerced into prescribing bed rest to the TMC leader. On Thursday he was arrested by CBI and sent to custody for 10 days in with the cattle smuggling case.

Mondal had evaded multiple summonses by CBI using his health problems as a reason, officials confirmed. He also provided copies of prescriptions and a letter citing his illness. 

A letter was sent to the CBI office on Wednesday from the TMC leader’s council. 

On several occasions, Mondal has been evading CBI calls.

A senior officer of CBI states, “We have received a communication from Mr. Mondal in which he informed us about his inability to appear before our officers at our office here today. In the letter, Mr. Mondal has written that he is on total bed rest as per the advice of the doctors and cannot move outside his residence. He has attached two copies of doctors’ prescriptions and requested us to give him two weeks to come to our office”

Skipping arrest citing health issues

The two copies of prescriptions were provided by doctors of SSKM hospital, Kolkata, and Bolpur sub-division hospital.

Earlier, on Tuesday CBI called Anubrata for questioning about the ongoing investigation of a cattle-smuggling case. However, Mondal evaded the call and visited SSKM hospital instead.

A team of doctors also visited his residence at Bolpur and provided a prescription suggesting 14 days of bed rest.

The doctor confirmed that he was asked to write two prescriptions by the superintendent and not use the hospital seal.

Anubrata Mondal had been summoned by CBI several times before and made headlines for his extempore comments. However, he has been skipping summonses by the CBI multiple times, each time citing health issues.






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