Ukraine: Current Situation and Armed Conflict


The talk between Russia and the West for controlling the situation has resulted in failure. Still, more work is needed to handle the situation. The city of Moscow in Russia has represented the situation as Not Tolerable. Moscow considers this situation as a ‘matter of life and death’.   

The Kremlin, the fortified complex in Moscow, was founded by the Russian ruling dynasty of Rurikids. They predicted that Kremlin would move into Ukraine. The US President, Joe Biden, has this prediction.  

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, shared his thoughts and said that the armed conflicts in eastern Ukraine look like genocide. He has created pressure for his diplomatic demands.  

Russia says that it prepared for the alarming situation with military-technical means to pursue its ends.  

After annexing Crimea in 2014 and supporting separatist moments in Donbas, sponsoring the moments, it is a clear signal that Moscow is threatening the third incursion into Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty. The situation also clears that Moscow has planned for joint exercises as they are officially massing troops on the Ukrainian border and also in Belarus.    

Is there any possibility that Kyiv will resist itself from its more powerful neighbours? Moscow is only bluffing, or is there any possibility of escalated military conflict likely to take place in Ukraine.   

Russia is putting pressure on NATO and the EU. They are putting pressure in an attempt to change the international orders implemented during the latest round of power politics.   

The country Russia has all the military resources sufficient to move into the Ukrainian Territory. Still, it would be difficult for Russia to take the whole country and hold on to the territory for any significant period, also considering the given prospects of fierce armed resistance from the country Ukraine. Russia has many options to launch a measured incursion.  

For almost eight years, Kyiv is resisting the situation, fighting in the east of the country, training its military and preparing the population to revolt. But the military sources are gloomy about the prospect of being able to resist the situation without the help of the western allies for much longer than a week.  

In what would be a classic case of asymmetrical warfare, the country Moscow’s resistance from Ukraine’s population could therefore prove a solemn Throne on Moscow’s side.


Saurabh Kumar
Saurabh Kumar
My name is saurabh kumar. I am a B.Tech graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad. It was delight to tell about me. Thank You!





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