Vandalism in Bangladesh Hindu Temples


A Hindu procession passing by a mosque sparked the scuffle leading to mass destruction; over a hundred unidentified culprits were behind the incident.

At least 11 were arrested after a group of religious bigots vandalised ten idols at four Hindu temples and several shops and households of the Hindu community.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the Shia village in Rupsha Upazila of the Khulna district of Bangladesh.  

The attack resulted from a heated struggle between the two faiths a day before the incident, said some residents.

They told the Hindu procession by female devotees singing kirtan late Friday from Purba Para temple towards Shiali Mahamashan temple.

It was objected by the Imam Maulana Nazim Uddin of the local mosque, which was proceeding with the Esha -one of the five mandatory Islamic prayers, at that time caused vandalism of Hindu temples in the area on Saturday.

According to some residents, miscreants were armed with spade, sickles and first attacked the Shiali Mahasmashan, where they desecrated the idols inside the temple and the crematorium.

Then they proceeded to the Shiali Purba Para temple, vandalising Hindu deities’ idols in the Hari temple, Durga temple and the Govinda temple.

Hundreds of Islamic extremists attacked the Hindu temple in the Shia village of Bangladesh.

Camp police station. According to the president of Puja Parishad, Shaktipada Basu, the cops prejudiced the Hindus who came to register a complaint at the Shiali Camp police station.

The goons even shoved and assaulted the Hindus who tried to intervene in the crime scene. The goons even pushed and assaulted the Hindus who tried to intervene in the crime scene.

As many as 58 houses and shops owned by the local Hindus were vandalised and looted by the miscreants. They destroyed six shops and were engaged in brutally beating the few who interrupted them. 

Shaktipada Basu claimed the youth of the nearby Chandpur village were instrumental in fuelling the attack.

He has filed a complaint recognising 25 people who were directly involved in carrying out the vandalism.

At the same time, some other residents accused that the attackers were from neighbouring villages of Sheikhpura, Bamandanga and Chandpur. There are still over a hundred unidentified vandalists.

The Authority Reported to the Ground 

The police finally handled the situation. “We are alert and active to keep the situation under control”, said Rupsha police station Officer-in-Charge Sardar Mosharraf Hossain. Hossain. 

A Bangladesh Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council (BHBCUC), Kajol Debnath, urged the authorities to take appropriate punitive actions against the culprits.

He told PTI that the local police visibly bought time to take reasonable steps as the altercation had occurred on August 5 while the vandalism took place on August 6.

The situation is tense and is hatching an atmosphere of fear among the residents of Shia. Salam Murshedi, an industrialist and business leader, has reported restoring the idols and shops in the area at his own expense.

The district administration has also promised to repair and restore the temples and shops on the government’s behalf. 

Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh
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