Venom v/s Carnage Trailer started a new war.


After Venom 1, Carnage is going to be the most challenging villain in Venom 2. Viewers have mixed reactions after watching the trailer. Some are expecting Spiderman to appear in the film. 

After a long wait, Sony Pictures launched the Venom 2 trailer. This time the movie is named ‘Venom let there be carnage.’ Just like the name shows, it’s going to be a killing fantasy action movie. 

The first time we saw Venom in Spiderman 3 launched in 2017. After that, Venom Launched as an individual film in 2018. And we can say that it is going to be the successor of Venom 1. The official trailer is already released, and the film will be released in October this year. 

Story Teaser

Venom let there be Carnage is going to be an action-comedy sci-fi movie. At least watching the trailer seems so. 

The trailer starts with a conversation between Venom and Eddie. Eddie added a rule of not eating people because Venom lives in his body, and if Venom didn’t control his anger, the police would throw them in prison. Tom Hardy plays the role of Venom and Eddie. 

Then in the second scene, Eddie Brock meets a serial killer in prison who wants to share his story when Eddie asks why me!

He said, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine and suddenly bites Eddie’s hand, and he becomes a red venom, upgraded and more potent than Eddie. Woody Harrelson plays this new Venom and serial killer role. 

The last part of the trailer shows the fight between Venom and the new Venom. And his girlfriend, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), is engaged with someone else. 

People’s Reaction

After watching the trailer, people are giving mixed opinions. Now the social media is divided into two groups.

One group is saying it’s okay and they like it; on the other hand, another group criticizes the trailers. But the People are confused with new comedic conversations from the venom side. 

Comics Story

Venom is an ongoing comic series under American funny superhero stories published by Marvel Comics. In its original comic book version, Carnage is the supervillain of Venom. Spidermen became Venom’s host and fought together to defeat Carnage. 

As per the comic story, Venom helped Eddie escape jail, and this time, Venom left one of his offspring. Later it made a bond with Eddie’s jail partner, psycho killer Cletus Kasady and became Carnage. 

Venom Storyline (2018)

The storyline of the first individual venom movie talks about the origin of Venom. Here we see Eddie is an investigative journalist who takes down evil corporates in his TV show.

One day he was assigned to investigate Dr Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) experiments. Drake is the founder of life foundation; Eddie lost his job.

He knew from Dr Dora Skirth (Jenny Slate) Drake was trying to mix alien life forms in the human body. 

Eddie visits Drake’s lab for investigation, and Venom merges with Eddie’s body and gives him superhuman strength and healing powers.

But when Venom takes control of Eddie, he becomes a monster and bites people’s heads. Venom is a symbiote that needs a human body to survive and use superpowers.

This film is full of action and adventure. At the end of the movie, they teased Venom 2 and showed the psycho serial killer.

We can say Venom 2 will be one of the most popular movies in 2021. To understand and enjoy the entire movie, go and watch Venom (2018). The new Venom may come with some unexpected ties with Marvel, as per some Marvel fans.

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