The new residence is expected to be set by the end of this year.

The vice president’s current official house is on Maulana Azad Road. The new V-P residence will cost ₹206.49 crore to build, which also covers five years of  service and upkeep.

The Central Vista’s next significant project, following the new Parliament, is a new mansion for the Vice President which is anticipated to be finished by year’s end. By mid-2024 the first three buildings of the Common Central Secretariat would likely be completed 

The new V-P residence, which spans 15 acres and is located next to the North Block, has more than 60% of the work completed, according to sources. The complex would hold the V-P’s mansion along with staff housing, barracks, a secretariat, a guest house, a sports facility, and auxiliary structures.

On Maulana Azad Road in the capital, the Vice President’s current residence is close to the Vigyan Bhawan conference complex. The new V-P house will cost 206.49 crore to build, which also covers five years of  service and upkeep.The Common Central Secretariat is the second project on which frantic work is still being done.

The Common Central Secretariat (CCS), which is being constructed on the site where the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts once stood, will also have its first three buildings completed by June of next year, according to the sources. The IGNCA is currently relocated to Hotel Janpath, with Jamnagar House as its intended final stop.

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The CCS will consist of 10 office buildings and a Central Conference Centre, according to the Central Vista webpage. Based on the proposal, “collaboration, coordination, and synergy” will be ensured by consolidating all 51 government ministries into a single site. A total of 54,000 people will work in the new office complexes.

Currently, only 39 of the 51 ministries that make up the central government reside in the Central Vista, with an additional 1,000 crore spent annually on leasing premises outside the neighbourhood to accommodate the rest. According to the portal, there are instances where the same ministry maintains offices in various structures both inside and outside of the Central Vista.

Along with the India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House (old), North and South Blocks, and the record office—later known as the National Archives of India—were finished by 1931. However, to meet the growing demand for space for central government ministries, the Central Secretariat built the Udyog Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan, and Krishi Bhawan between 1956 and 1968.

In accordance to the design created by the Center’s consultant, HCP Design, Planning and Management, the existing buildings on the plots, including Shastri Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan, Udyog Bhawan, and Krishi Bhawan, are proposed to be demolished to make room for the new buildings once the new Common Central Secretariat is finished.

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The Executive Enclave, which will accommodate the PMO, cabinet secretariat, India House, and the National Security Council Secretariat, is also under construction and is next to the South Block. India House will serve as a conference centre similar to the Hyderabad House, where important meetings, particularly with important foreign leaders, are currently held.

The Executive Enclave is being built by infrastructure company Larsen & Toubro Limited for an estimated $1,189 crore. Five percent progress on the construction project there, according to sources. The total cost of the Central Vista project is over 20,000 crore.

Previous talks about the residence construction: 

Previously, sources stated that a 15-acre piece of land on Church Road, close to North Avenue, may become the vice president’s new official house. The idea is a component of the larger government plan to revitalise Central Vista.

The area, which was designated for a bus terminal and a community park for recreational purposes, would now be used for residential purposes, according to a proposal made by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 2020.

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The vice president’s current official house is on Maulana Azad Road. An official stated that the Ahmedabad-based company HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt Ltd, who was chosen as the advisor for the Central Vista Project, appears to have advocated relocating the VP’s house closer to North Block, on Church Road.

For the Center’s Rs 2,000 crore project, which intends to rehabilitate Central Vista, the DDA has already given its approval for a modification in land use of five additional plots spread over 71 acres in the Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone. The Union Housing Ministry’s Land and Development Office proposed changing the area usage of these seven sites.

A prior proposal called for changing the land’s use to offices. Within 30 days, anyone can provide their comments on the suggested modification. The necessary changes to the Master plan will subsequently be made following a public hearing, according to a senior DDA official. 

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