Walk with Amal: a young girl full of hope.


    12- foot- tall Syrian refugee puppet is currently traveling in New York City

Little Amal, a 10-year-old giant puppet, started her journey in 2021 and has already logged 9,000 kilometers across 12 countries, carrying the important message “Don’t forget about us”.

Syria Refugee Crisis

Citizens of Syria fled to neighboring countries over the course of the Syrian Civil War. Syria continues to have the world’s largest refugee crisis. It is the result of a massive protest and violent government crackdown in the southern town of Daraa.

The life of the Syrian refugees

  • The Syrian Civil War made millions of Syrian families flee their homes.
  • Syrian refugees live in many countries, including Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey.
  • For nearly ten years, the Syrian conflict has created a great impact on Syrian children.
  • Out of four million refugees, two million are children.
  • Children grew up in a crisis, were forced into child labor, and were exposed to violence.
  • Refugees live in poverty and are deprived of all the basic necessities of life.

Amal- a Ray of hope

In Arabic, Amal means “hope.” and represents all children who have been separated from their families. Her Walk highlights the plight of children fleeing war, violence, and persecution and the promise of immigration today. She has become a symbol of compassion and carries a message of hope across the world. Little Amal celebrates human migration and cultural diversity.

credits: Good Chance Theatre

The Birth of Little Amal

  • Little Amal originated as a character in the play ‘The Jungle’.
  • She was designed and built by the ‘Handspring Puppet Company.
  • She was crafted from lightweight materials such as cane and carbon fiber.
  • Three puppeteers are required to bring little Amal to life.
  • Two arms, two puppeteers. Another puppeteer controls her facial expressions and walks on stilts.
  • She talks through gestures and is capable of conveying strong human emotions.
credits: Good Chance Theatre

Little Amal’s journey

  • Amal has traversed much of Europe, from Turkey to the Vatican.
  • Amal is greeted by ‘Events of Welcome’.
  • Her epic voyage is more of a parade.
  • Everywhere she goes, she is welcomed with much warmth by adults and kids alike.

Amal’s journey, at the age of ten, carries a message of hope for refugee children. She travels to various places with an unpleasant itchy feeling and is looking forward to a great change. The future of the refugees lies in the hearts of the people. So many refugees’ lives can only be changed by their vision.

Amal, a young girl full of hope, is looking forward to a new beginning.

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