Why do we celebrate Octopus Day?


October 8 is celebrated as International Octopus Day. But have you ever wondered why Octopus Day is celebrated? Today we will learn some interesting things about octopuses.

Octopus is a very dangerous sea creature and not every species of octopus is dangerous but yes, some species have too much poison so that humans can kill any animal. This is also famous as Ashta Bahu, now the name octopus is derived from the Greek language. An octopus means that 8-legged creature which is found in water, this creature is also known for its body composition and organization, so let us know the interesting facts related to octopus in detail.

There are 200 types of octopus found all over the world, out of which 38 types of octopus are found in India. According to information by Indian scientists in Jan 2019 octopuses have been seen for the first time in the Narmada river, this octopus has been seen in the mouth of the Narmada river of India. Scientists claim that the octopus seen in the Narmada river is now only 190 to 320 mm long or belongs to the species Cystopus indices, known as the old woman octopus.

-This eight-leg creature is so old that dinosaurs also became extinct ahead of it.

-Talking about the age of October, the copter path is very short, it can live for at least 6 months and up to 5 years, and they have 3 hearts.

-When they are born, they are the size of a flea, the size of the flea ranges from 1.5 to 3.2 mm.

-More than 300 species of octopus are found on earth and are found in large oceans and districts. The blood of the octopus is blue.

-It has 8 arms and is attached to its food, with the help of which it is more capable of catching its prey.

-Octopus code is also known as Devil Fish. Octopus is a creature without bones, apart from this you will be surprised to know that it has brains and 3 days, so this victory is also considered to be the most intelligent.

-And the number of neurons in them is in the millions, but if they are taken out of the water, then they cannot survive.

-A big thing in octopuses is very strange, when they get very hungry even after eating their arms, they fill their stomach and a great thing is that the octopus’s arms grow back even after being cut.

-If we talk about their ability, then the big octopus can kill some species of shark.

-You will be surprised to know that octopuses can change their skin colour more than 100 times and they can change their colour and shape in less than 3 seconds.

-They do this when they are aware of the danger around them, but use a special type of chemical to protect themselves, and also leave their fountain of blue blood. Which is made by mixing black ink with water, it produces a chemical called kerosene, due to which the hunter’s eyes are irritated and in this way they protect themselves.

World Octopus Day is celebrated for this amazing creature, it is celebrated on 8 October for the world’s first captive octopus named Allie. This day was also celebrated in 2010 to create awareness of this amazing creature by James B. Wood who was a biologist.

But what can we do on Octopus Day?

We can do a lot of grand things on Octopus Day the first was to know everything about octopuses and you are just a very amazing creature, there is no doubt about it, so a lot of speech research is going on at any time. You can give information about octopuses to little kids in a very creative or crafty way. Not only this, but many environmentalists and climate change experts also see this day in a very special way. Many species have become extinct in our world, and we can run a lot of campaigns for this such as Help Protect Octopus and their Habitat. There are many things like social work picking up plastic bags and Volunteering to protect marine  Creatures with any organization. Many people also like to eat octopus today, this is a very unique way to appease Marine Creatures.






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