Why Is French the Language of Love?


Oh yes! French is the most reputed language of love and passion worldwide, whose flowers bloom from the Latin root.  


Not only is this language euphonic, but also the pronunciation is pleasing to the hearers. One will rarely ever come across a harsh sound in French.

The fascinating reason behind this is that French speakers avoid using a consonant at the end of the word if no vowel follows it.  

When it comes to vowels and consonants, the language of love has a very organized distribution.

This fine distribution contributes to the euphonic flow, making a perfect language for poetry and music.  

The language owes a lot to its rich history as well. It has been blessed with honour from two crucial pillars.

The first one is the historical extension of the dialect, and the second is the uniqueness of the language.  


Along with being the language of love, French has irrevocably been ingrained as a sexy language. The French accent is a chart-topper in comparison with other languages.

A significant reason for this is the fewer melodic variations contrary to other widespread languages such as English or Italian.  

What is unique to the language are the many nuances to describe emotional and sensational ranges even though it has fewer verbal expressions—taking a look at French phrases, it’s easy to find love’s numerous terms interesting.

For instance, fiancé”, “ménage à trois”, “liaison”, “femme fatale”, “cinq à sept”, “tête à tête” are some words that have in fact crossed borders to enter the English language.  


While it is undeniable that French passion, romanticism and love behaviours have inspired pretty kuch the entire French literature, it all started with two cursed lovers.

Abelard and Heloise and their passionate letters transformed them into love martyrs in the 12th century. 

Later on, writers and film producers took immense inspiration from such romances and carried on torch their art with the image of France and Paris, in particular, that we have today.

The emblematic and worldwide famous romantic picture: Le baiser de l’Hôtel de Ville by Robert Doisneau is interesting in this context.

In this picture, two lovers are seen embracing each other, but the American magazine Life originally ordered it in 1950, and the two lovers were paid, actors.  

What about the everyday Frenchmen? From the cultural point of view, love and its practised demonstration have a super important standing in society.

In France, publicly portraying physical intimacy is culturally acceptable. The same is considered inappropriate in a lot of other countries.  


Turning away from the typical Frenchmen, the country’s leaders, whether kings or presidents, have often found themselves in tumultuous love lives, splashed with colours of scandal. 

Henry the 4th and Louis, the 14th’s numerous love conquests, have not only been nation-wide accepted but even praised.

The country’s leaders are no less, as seen in the case of François Mitterrand. Mitterand had a mistress and a hidden daughter while being married.

The latter two lifestyles of his transgressive life were kept running with government funds.  

In 2014, François Holland’s private escapades with the famous actress Julie Gayet, whilst still being in a relationship with Valerie Trierweiler, is quite symbolic of Vaudeville Trio, a renowned type of French theatre.

Therefore, flirtations, passions, adulterous or sexual affairs are all part and parcel of the accepted French way of life. None of it dishonours public life and allows people to live their life the way they want.  

Rashi Malik
Rashi Malik
A recent Political Science graduate from Delhi university, Rashi is a dynamic and inquisitive content writer. She aspires to enter the world of Corporate communications and understands how important it is to convey ideas effectively through writing. Having converted herself into a polyglot, she's now discovered a niche in writing. Don't be surprised if she catches the world of global affairs and Diplomacy at 2 in the morning because she is a hardcore MUNer. She's more excited than ever to inspire the youth to write and speak up because we are the future decision-makers.



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