World’s Archaeological Gems : India


Appreciating the lavish history of India.A place that keeps up the testimony of our past, sites that saw the rise and collapse of distinct eras in history (prehistoric, historical or contemporary). Archaeological sites are the living evidence of the sagas passing over thousands of years, relating our present with our ancient narrative.

Here are 5 Famous Archaeological sites in India

1. Lothal, Gujrat

It was tracked down in the Bhal region of the modern state of Gujrat. The area was exhumed from 13 February 1955 to 19 May 1960 by the Archaeological Survey of India.

It amounts to something like one of the most well-known cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) or otherwise inferred as the Harappan civilization. The dock of the Harappan Civilization had trade links to Mesopotamia Civilization (present-day Iran and Iraq).

Lothal brought about substantial and repeatedly extraordinary contributions to human civilization in the Indus era in city planning, art, architecture, science, engineering, pottery, and religion.

You can also get at Archaeological Museum, where artefacts about the Indus era excavated from this site have been conserved.

2. Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra

UNESCO heritage site including 34 caves portraying the theologies of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. These caves are a dramatic epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture.

The complicated carvings, roofs, pillars, stupas, assembly halls, etc. from the various essence of the architecture of Ajanta Caves. There are twenty-nine caves in Ajanta, with Chaityas and Viharas as the two main kinds.

Cave nos. 9, 10, 12 and 13 are pursued to the initial phase. The upper and lower interval caves are 6, 11 and 15. Cave no. 7 is courted to ahead of the 5th Century, and the residing caves are after the fifth Century.

Ajanta is an unusual cave site as it has portrayals withstanding from the 1st century BCE. One can perceive typological interpretations in the compositions here.

World’s Archaeological Gems : India
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3. Dholavira, Gujrat

World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, in its 44th session, has already bestowed India a recent world heritage site. The Harappan city of Dholavira came to be the 40th Indian site on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

It is one of the significant excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization. “The ancient city of Dholavira is one of the most remarkable and well-preserved urban settlements in South Asia dating from the 3rd to mid-2nd millennium BCE (Before Common Era).” UNESCO said.

Discovered in 1968, the site is set apart by its unique characteristics: its water management system, multi-layered defensive mechanisms, extensive use of stone in construction, and unique burial structures.

Residuals of a copper smelter indicate that Harappans, who dwelled in Dholavira, comprehended metallurgy.

It is speculated that merchants of Dholavira consumed source copper ore from present-day Rajasthan and Oman and UAE and exported completed commodities.

World’s Archaeological Gems : India
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4. Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Delhi

Neighbouring to Qutub Minar world heritage site and Qutub complex. This Park is scattered over 200 acres. An authentic spectacle of the rich ancestry of India.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park records numerous historically crucial monuments, entailing the resides of the first city of Delhi, the capital of the Tomar monarchs in the 11th Century.

The Park encloses sites like the Tomb of Balban, ca 1287 CE, wherein an actual arc and the dome were carved for the first time in India.

World’s Archaeological Gems : India
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5. Vijayanagar Empire, Karnataka

The only ancient record of settlement dates back to 1 C.E. The flourishing Vijayanagara empire’s site surrounds roughly 500 ancient monuments, presently a world heritage site. In the periods, it functioned as a deterrent against incursion from the north by Muslim sultanates.

World’s Archaeological Gems : India
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