Youngest App Developer from Haryana sets Guinness World Record


From trying to fix his phone himself, a 12 years old Harayana boy has emerged to become the youngest app developer. Recognized by the Guinness World Records

The talent that comes from the smallest of cities in India never ceases to amaze us. Such is the talent of a young prodigy from our country, Kartikeya Jakhar. Kartikeya Jakhar is a 12 years old boy who comes from the small town of Jhajjar in Harayana. Studying in the 8th standard of Jhajjar’s Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, the young talent developed three apps just by learning on YouTube. 

After a talk with the family members, it was revealed that Kartikeya’s new interest in app development was a mere accident. Amidst the pandemic, his father had brought him a new phone to continue his studies through online classes. However, the phone soon seemed to start showing problems.

Determined to fix the phone himself, Kartikeya started watching YouTube channels. The somewhat accident piqued an enthralling interest in the boy which proved fruitful.

When asked about his achievement, the kid stated “I made three apps, the first was related to General Knowledge named Lucent GK online. The second was Ram Kartik Learning Centre which teaches coding and graphic designing and the third was Shri Ram Kartik Digital Education. Now, these apps are offering free training to over 45,000 students.”

Appreciation and Recognition 

Throughout the country, Kartikeya is now recognized and praised for his achievement at such a young age. Many politicians and renowned figures including the Chief Minister of Harayana congratulated the boy. The boy have earned himself a scholarship from Harvard, as Hindustan Times informed.

The Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar, tweeted sending hearty congrats to the parents of the child. The Minister heartily mentioned how the kids of Haryana are making them proud all around the world. 

The children of Haryana, indeed are making us proud in all fields, be it sports or intellect. They become that inspiration for us that tells us to never back down. The inspiration tells us miracles do happen if tried.

Take a look at the tweet by the Chief Minister:-


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