Accused in 3-year-old case of gang-rape and murder arrested in Gurugram


On Tuesday, August 16, the Delhi Police Crime Branch arrested, Sanju, an accused wanted in connection with the gangrape and murder of a woman in January 2019. The police had offered a reward of 25,000 rupees for information. 

An accused wanted in connection with gang rape and murder was arrested by a Delhi Police Crime Branch team. Delhi Police arrested the accused, also known by the name Sanju, on Tuesday, August 16. The government had offered a reward of Rs 25,000 for information leading to his arrest.

The DCP, Crime Branch, Delhi Amit Goel said that the accused identified as Sanju was on the run for three and a half years.

Gangrape and Murder case, 2019

A 17-year-old girl’s dead body was found in UP fields close to Bulandsher in January 2019. Bricks smeared with blood were also found next to the girl’s body. She was gang-raped and murdered by Sanju and his 4 other associates, after which they buried her in the field.

The victim’s family filed a case at the Kotwali City police station of  Uttar Pradesh in January 2019.

Based on the police investigation, it was found that the 42-year-old accused had gang-raped the victim with his friends and then murdered her. Four of the accused were arrested and Sanju had been on the run since then.

“Sanju, along with his associates, had gang-raped the girl and stoned her to death. Uttar Pradesh’s Kotwali Police had found the body of the 17-year-old girl in the field. Blood-stained bricks were also found near the body,” said the Police.

 A reward of Rs 25,000 was also declared by the UP Police to get any information leading to his arrest.

As a result of the Crime Branch team’s relentless efforts, a tip-off was received regarding Sanju’s whereabouts. The team gathered all the necessary information they received, which included analysis of several phone calls and location tapping, and finally were able to zero down to the location of the accused. 

“On the basis of information collected by the team, several Call Detail Records were analyzed and through technical surveillance, the accused’s location was tracked down. On August 16, Sanju was arrested from Phase-III, Gurugram,” the police said.

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police made the arrest and informed UP Police.






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