After a historic drought in Europe, flash floods hit the region


After severe heat waves and intense drought in Europe, parts of the continent now face flash floods due to intense rainfall. According to reports, 17 flood alert warnings have been issued across England. 

Heatwaves, wildfires, and severe drought in Europe have created many difficulties for the people, especially the farmers. Thus, with heavy downpours in several parts of the United Kingdom and France, there is no sign of relief. According to reports, heavy rainfall is expected in England and Wales. On the other hand, the South East region covering London, Kent, Suffolk, West Sussex, and Essex may expect intense rainfall this week.

After a historic drought in Europe, flash floods hit the region
Image Source – The Guardian

According to reports, an intense downpour is expected to continue throughout the weekend with glimpses of showers and thunderstorms. Scientists link the prevailing weather dynamics to human-made climate change.

No sign of ease in England’s drought situation.

Heavy rainfall has somewhat dropped the soaring temperatures but shows no sign of relief from the drought. It is unlikely to lessen parched lands across the United Kingdom as rainwater struggles to penetrate dehydrated grounds. As a result, intense downpours on parched lands may increase flash floods and soil erosion, posing a threat to the environment. 

Due to grueling heat, temperatures, and historic drought in Europe, land has been dehydrated from baking in the sun. As a consequence, the soil’s infiltration capacity has potentially declined. Ultimately, this will result in soil erosion and reduce the ability of the land to store moisture, nutrients, and increased deposits of silts.

After a historic drought in Europe, flash floods hit the region
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According to MET office Deputy Meteorologist Dan Rudman, “The heaviest rain and highest totals are expected to be in western areas, but as the front moves eastward, it should weaken. The southeast, in particular, could stay mostly dry.”

Despite this week’s intense downpour in the United Kingdom, drought conditions continue to persist. In response to the given, Thames Water-the largest water provider-announced restrictions on watering gardens and lawns. The ban will be in effect from August 24.

According to reports, slit pollution warnings are in place for dozens of beaches across England and Wales after untreated sewage water is released into the sea around the coast.

Flash floods fill up metro stations in Paris.

Reportedly, since the heavy rainfall on August 16 all over France, Paris subways were gushing with water within minutes. Additionally, traffic was tangled in the French capital after it witnessed 2 inches of rainfall in less than an hour. According to experts, Paris previously used to record this much rain in a month. Furthermore, winds were recorded at over 60 mph at the top of the Eiffel Tower during Tuesday’s flash floods.

After a historic drought in Europe, flash floods hit the region
Image Source – New York Times

In the south of France, rainstorms flooded the old port of Marseille. Moreover, amid heavy rainfall, scattered wildfires continue to burn in southwest France. Belgium also witnessed scattered rain and flooding in Ghent, following a stubborn drought.

The weather extremes have become noteworthy for farmers as they struggle to yield crops. Scattered rains, thunderstorms, and severe downpours show no sign of relief from the historic drought in Europe. As a matter of fact, it has increased the risk of further soil erosion and increase in water and land pollution.


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