Assam Police make one of the largest drug busts in the district


Assam Police makes a series of drug busts in the districts of Karimganj and Karbi Anglong districts. Heroin and cannabis has been seized.

In Karimganj and Karbi districts in Assam, the District Police forces seized heroin and marijuana of a considerable amount. The net worth of the contraband seized is said to be over Rs 4 crore. 

Karimganj Police received inside information regarding the vehicle carrying drugs. Taking action on the tip the police received, Karimganj Police amped up patrolling near the Assam and Mizoram border. Subsequently, they intercepted a vehicle that was crossing into Assam. The vehicle was said to be coming from a neighboring state.

After the interception, the vehicle was detained and a thorough search was conducted. In due course, the police discovered more than 470gms of heroin. The heroin was packed in a total of 39 soap boxes which were concealed in the fuel tank and in a secret compartment in the mudguard of the four wheeler.

Police arrested the man in connection with the vehicle containing the contraband soon after. The heroin was marked up to be worth approximately Rs 3 crores in the international market. This is one of the larger heroin busts Karimganj Police has made.

Assam Police make the one of the largest drug busts in the district
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Bust in Karbi, Assam.

Simultaneously, a joint force of the district police as well as the Central Reserve Police Force intercepted another vehicle in Karbi Anglong district. The vehicle was said to be entering the state from Dimapur, a city in the neighboring state– Nagaland.

The vehicle had a sticker that said ‘Army on Duty’ to throw off any suspicion of law enforcement. However, the police were skeptical of the vehicle and carried out a thorough search. During the search they uncovered around 477 kgs of cannabis or marijuana. The contraband was in 46 different packets hidden in the hood of the truck.

The substance was said to be worth approximately above the Rs 50 lakh mark. The person in question was arrested.

District police went on to bust one more vehicle, similar to the above two on the very same day during the patrolling. However, this was a two wheeler with two persons carrying illicit substances. Like the other vehicles, they too were carrying heroin that was hidden in soap boxes and were coming in from Dimapur, Nagaland. Police seized 122.22gms of heroin and Rs 5000 from the two perpetrators. 

The worth of this heroin is said to be marked up to Rs 80 lakh in the international market.

Due to the consecutive nature of these similar looking seizes, it is suspected that they may all be connected and traced to a single operation.


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