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Chandana Surthi is an avid reader and budding lawyer with exceptional skills in law, she is also startup enthusiastic and stays active on social platforms, she has been part of Lok Adalat as a mediator, and she heals from a law background who explores all fields of law besides social activist from Osmania university. Her focus is to spread legal awareness.

All about Surrogacy: what is Surrogacy? Surrogates, Parents and Egg Donors

Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction technique in which intending parents collaborate with a gestational surrogate who will carry and care for their baby(ies) until birth. When intended parents are unable to start or expand their families on their own, they turn to surrogacy. What is surrogacy? A woman agrees to deliver or labor for another person or individuals who will later become the child’s parent(s) under the terms of a surrogacy arrangement, which is frequently backed by a formal contract. When a couple doesn’t want to bear the pregnancy themselves, when pregnancy is physically impossible, when pregnancy risks are risky…

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Air India- Chandana Surti at Asiana times

He unzipped his pants and relieved himself on me. said the lady. As of January first, the news was still under consideration, and there are some penalties running against Air India. The Incident that occurred? On an Air India flight, another passenger’s mid-flight nightmare has come to light. The variety of arrogant episodes that have occurred on flights, including in business class, has rocked the whole airline industry. On one occasion, they said a drunk man had exposed himself to a woman in her 70s in the business class cabin of an Air India trip from New York to Delhi…

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Pending cases in India- Chandana Surthi -Author at Asiana times

Justice delayed is justice denied The judiciary is supreme, despite the fact that there are different types of courts for each aspect of the law, such as mediation to solve cases faster, the consumer forum, which handles only consumer affairs, as well as trial courts and district courts, which have thousands of pending cases. According to the Supreme Court’s statistics, 70,362 cases were pending as of April 1, 2022. More than 19% of them are not prepared to appear before a Bench since they have not completed the necessary preliminary steps. Of the 52,110 cases, 18,522 have regular hearings. Slow…

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Bombay high court rejects Rapido. The Rapido is to file a plea in Apex court

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court decided to hear Rapido’s appeal of the Bombay High Court judgment, a bike taxi, and car aggregator, on January 23. The Bombay High Court ordered Roppen Transportation Services Private Limited, which runs the bike taxi aggregator Rapido, to cease operations last week since they have not yet granted the company a permit from the Maharashtra government to do so. Therefore, the bike taxi aggregator was required to suspend all of its operations until January 20. After they brought the case before it, the bench, which is presided over by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud,…

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women abortion

The Apex Court ruled that all women in the nation, irrespective of their marital status, are now able to receive safe and legal abortion services up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy. In India, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, of 1971 (MTP) governs abortion. Under this law, abortion is legal and can be performed by a registered medical practitioner on a pregnant woman up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. The Act allows for abortion to be performed if the pregnancy poses a risk to the life or physical or mental health of the pregnant woman. If there is a…

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