Bengaluru Man Stabbed Friend Who Denied Buying Him A Beer- Missing 


Bengaluru Man Stabbed Friend Who Denied Buying Him A Beer- Missing
Image Source-The New Indian Express


Raghavendra, a 23-year-old man from Bengaluru, stabbed his friend, Babajan, for refusing to buy him a beer. After committing the crime, the accused fled from the scene. The victim is safe and police officials have registered an attempt-to-murder case against Raghavendra.
A man (Babajan) in Bengaluru was stabbed with a knife by his friend (23-year-old, Raghvendra) when he denied buying him a beer. The accused later fled off the scene said Byppanahalli Police.

The incident took place on Thursday, August 4, when Babajan and Raghavendra went out for a party. Both friends lived in the same city and did different jobs. Police said that both of them were close friends.

As reportedly said by police, Babajan bought 3 bottles of beer and they partied the whole night. After which Raghavendra asked him to buy more beer to which Babajan refused saying he had no money to buy more beer.
Raghavendra was angry about this due to the influence of alcohol and started abusing Babajan and tried to stab Babajan with a knife. After several attempts to kill him, Raghavendra stabbed his left thigh leaving him in a pool of blood.

After which Babajan started screaming for help and after that, the neighbors started approaching. When Raghavendra realized that people are approaching he ran away from the scene and went missing.

Actions against Raghavendra

According to the police, an attempt-to-murder case has been filed against the accused. Though the accused is still missing and the police are trying to find him.

This incident has put the locality in shock as anything could happen under influence of the alcohol by the two friends who ended up in a fight.

The security of the people is unstable until such incidents keep happening and strict actions are taken not only after the incident but necessary precautions not only by the police but also the local people to stay alert is important.



Abhishek Kumar Soni
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