BTS Jhope releases Arson Teaser : Things you didn’t notice!


BTS Jhope: His new Album ‘Jack in the Box’ Song “Arson” Teaser has been released! There are many details that you didn’t Notice in the teaser that might be connected to iconic BTS M/Vs.

BTS Jhope
Image Source: Jhope’s Instagram

BTS Jhope announced his Upcoming Solo Album “Jack in the Box” last month. The Album consists of 10 Songs and One of them is “Arson” that title was spoiled by Jhope hours before the official track list was released. His solo album will officially release on July 15, 2022.

He teased Fans with a 30-second Teaser of his brand new music video. You can hear his mesmerizing rap after the cars burn. There are some details you might have noticed in the first view.

The First, BTS Jhope might have linked the Arson M/V to “More” MV as a Box shows up the same as in the “More” MV but here in “Arson”, the Box is burning.

The Second might be connected with an iconic BTS M/V. The Concept photos show known Stairs from BTS Album “ Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” or “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”) or it could be linked to Dope as well or to the Fire M/V.

The Third, if you look closely in the “Arson” Teaser a black hooded figure seems to be running. The same figure was seen in BTS “Fire” M/V shaking hands with Suga.

Considering the song titles, we can understand that they could be potentially connected or at least referenced to each other.

Lastly, the track list background instrumental song sounds like Arson Teaser. Maybe that was Arson’s instrumental song in the track list video.

Check out BTS Jhope’s Arsons teaser Now!

Jhope’s “Arson” Official Teaser

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