BTS Jhope song Arson released today


BTS Jhope’s upcoming song Arson is finally here and Army is so happy to see the rapper on the album. His previous release MORE was a rager on all the music streaming platforms. He quite brilliantly showcased his rapping and singing skills. Well, they are BTS they know how to set it to the top.

The teaser Arson came out initially it showed cars exploding and in the back, the artist is singing. Yesterday the rapper shared on his social media his pre-album release party which other K-pop stars. Other BTS members also joined the pre-release party

All dancing and having a great time at the party. They danced to Butter’s song and what a major entertainment for Army and BTS fans.

Arson by BTS Jhope

The song is completely insane if one has to put it in words. The song opens with Jhope walking past a burning house. The explosion and the people half burning running and the rapper with a poker face singing.

His song has words like ‘I burned it all, ‘burnt my success ‘, and such things that cause pain. The lyrics literary churn out the feelings of individuals when their dreams don’t come true. It’s worst than burning alive. His words like, ‘my popularity’, ‘haters all I burn’ such lyrics that the rapper used he has burned all and loves to be an arsonist. He shines like a flame above all.

If anyone asks me, Right I lit the flame

Now I ask myself, choose what

Do I put up the fire, or even burn brighter


Later towards the end, the visuals show inside of Jhope’s body; everything burnt bones and organs. He is done with all and dead in the end with big letters ARSON.

What a song!! The insights and cinematography are so freak’n awesome. Army’s Proud! This is true. An artist goes through a lot of polishing actually Arson to become an idol. That’s why we have BTS.

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