Dramatized videos troll Fettermen over speech issues amidst strict internet policies


Dramatized videos troll Fettermen over speech issues

The Democratic nominee for Pensylvenia’s open US senate Fettermen is getting trolls over his speech issues after he suffered a stroke in May. Exaggerated and highly edited videos are getting a lot of hype and are circulated all over social media especially by the critics. 

Political misinformation and the policies regarding the same are highly strict on all social platforms. Despite all this, the videos stayed and remained up for days and weeks. 

Slight notorious edits of John Fettermen speaking were made to make him look like he was speaking illogical sentences or abrupt stops in between him speaking during audience applause and interactions. 

Spokesperson of John Fettermen, Joe Calvello who is also Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor said in response with an email which said “It is pretty sad and frankly desperate that Dr. Oz’s MAGA allies are deceptively editing videos of John speaking in order to mock him while he recovers from a stroke.”

John Fettermen struggles with speaking and hearing issues and problems after surviving the stroke which he said was a ‘near death’ experience for him.

He is closely relied upon closed captioning and on his staff as he runs for senate. He also says that he is fully capable of handeling the rigors and hurdles of the campaign which may decide the ablance of power in the US senate in the upcoming future.

Fettermen’s joyous style and roucious rallies with jokes on his opponents has created a large fandom for him.

In one interview, Fettermen made it clear that he is not hiding any of his health issues and has been vocal about his struggles.


Sunidhi Rai
Sunidhi Rai
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