Ghaziabad: Man brutally murders wife, minor daughter with spade after fight over water supply


Ghaziabad: Man brutally murders wife, minor daughter with spade after fight over water supply

Ghaziabad: Man brutally murders wife, minor daughter with spade after fight over water supply

Man murders wife over water supply

Ghaziabad: A 42-year-old person allegedly killed his wife and her minor daughter while the two were sleeping with a spade after a battle between the couple over water supply in the Nandagram area of Ghaziabad on Friday.

Police grabbed the accused Sanjay Buddy from Old Transport Adda while he attempting to escape the city around Friday early afternoon.

Police said that the couple was not on a good terms and thusly, Sanjay  with  his son Kunal (18) lived on the ground floor on the same building while his better half Rekha (36) remained with her girl Tasu (15) on the upper  floor.

Ghaziabad SSP Muniraj G informed the couple who used to live in seperate floors beyond four months had a warmed argument between mid night and 1 am. “The warmed argument resulted among Sanjay and his wife after she stoped the water supply to the ground floor from the tank. The man went upper floor to his better half’s room and slapped her. Afterward, he got back to the ground floor and went off to sleep.

Man murders wife over water supply

“At around 3 am, Sanjay awakened and went to Rekha’s room. He supposedly gotten a spade lying close by and went after her all over with it. Then, he cut her throat with it. Sanjay later went to his daughter who was dozing on the patio. He cut her throat as well and escaped the spot abandoning her to bite the dust,” said Ghaziabad SSP.

Sanjay locked the main door  from outside and escaped at around 7 am. At around 12.15 pm, he told one of his relatives about the murder through telephone. Sanjay additionally said that he was at the bus stand and was wanting to leave the city. “However, he could flee and we managed to arrest him,” Muniraj said.

Meanwhile, a police group arrived at Sanjay’s home in Nandgram house and broke the door . The two has died by the time  police arrived at the spot. After a preliminary inquiry, police said that Rekha’s face had been hit no less than multiple times with the spade.

Image Source- The Indian Express

“During questioning, Sanjay said that he used to run a bakery  but was forced to shut it down six years ago after incurring huge losses. . He then purchased an e-cart to support the family,” said SP (city) Nipurn Aggarwal as quoted by TOI adding that the couple frequently had argument about the man’s low pay and he also doubted his wife’s character.

In the interim, the 18-year-old son of the couple Kunal who was living with his dad on the ground floor is missing. “Sanjay imform that Kunal was sleeping when he committed the murder. However, he ventured out from home in the morning  without informing him,” the official said.

 A case under IPC Section 302 (murder) has been lodged against Sanjay and Kunal based on the complaint by Rekha’s brother. “We are questioning Sanjay. However, Kunal is yet to be apprehended and is missing,” the SSP said.

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