Guard got killed by the man after warning him not to drink.


Guard got killed by the man after warning him not to drink.


Kumari jagriti Sourya,05th October,2022

MUMBAI: The police captured a 54-year-old person regarding the murder of an old man on Tuesday for not permitting him to consume alcohol at a plot in Powai where he (the victim) had been employed as a security guard.

The accused, Hari Dangle, and the departed, Limbaji Kamble (75), knew each other. The two of them lived in Powai, the police said.

A contention occurred between the two when Kamble told  Dangle that he should not be seen around the plot, consuming liquor, said an official from Powai police station.

A rankled Dangle went there around 4 am where Kamble was on night duty and attacked him with bamboo sticks.

Local people raced to the spot on hearing Kamble shouting out resoundingly for help. The police found Dangle based on a grumble said by Kamble’s relatives who thought his contribution was to the crime. Read too Caught on camera: Youth stabbed to death by three in northeast Delhi






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