In “The word on the street”, Sajid Khan is eliminated from the Bigg boss 16 house. The contestant was nominated along with Shiv Thackery, Shalin Bhanot, and Tina Dutta.

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Initially, since the filmmaker Sajid Khan entered the Bigg Boss 16 house he has been receiving immense criticism from netizens and some actresses. Social Media was vexed by a section of people as the filmmaker before entering the house was alleged with charges of sexual harassment in October 2018 by a few of his female colleagues during the trending “Me-too” moment


Sajid Khan Journey in Bigg Boss 16

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Sajad Khan on the premier of the show said that he participated in the Bigg boss house as he did not have much work to do and got slothful being at home for four years as he believes that his “success destroyed him”, his previous movies didn’t work well at the box office he further stated that when the Colors team called him for Bigg boss 16 he decided to participate in the show and explore a new side of himself. He stated “success destroyed me” because he became very haughty of his success after delivering three back-to-back hits at the box office.

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However, after several weeks after being on the show, Sajid Khan created a great bond with the contestants, especially with the contestants Shiv Thackery, MC Stand, and Abdu Rozik. However, he shares a special brotherhood with contestant Abdu Rozik and their brotherhood was well appraised by the fans.

Weekend Ka Vaar

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This weekend ka vaar is a cliffhanger for the Bigg Boss fans as the host Salman Khan in the upcoming teaser is shown getting infuriated at Sajid Khan for his prank with the contestant Abdu Rozik during this week’s incident that took place on birthday of the contestant Nimrit Ahluwalia, where Sajid Khan had written on Abdu Rozik back “I with a heart emoji Tatti” which goes like I love tatti which was not at all appreciated by the fans and also the host Salman Khan showed disappointment with this filthy act. Host Salman Khan in the upcoming teaser was shown getting infuriated stating “First you make Abdu write a message for Nimrit and you are the one to tell him to stay away from her I am baffled by your dual behavior”.

The incident has also outraged netizens alleging the act was “bullying”, and “Ragging” of the former contestant Abdu Rozak. However, Sajid Khan was found stating that the joke was not at all at Abdu’s expense.

Sajid Khan Elimination

“The Khabri” is a Twitter handle that usually shares the whispers of the Bigg Boss 16 house shared their Twitter handle post that shocked the Bigg Boss 16 fans.

In the post, it was mentioned that “Exclusive and confirmed Sajid Khan has been eliminated from the house. However soon after the social media started giving mixed responses to this post the post was taken down by “The Khabri”.

The new post mentions that “eviction has become a joke in the Bigg Boss house”.

This is the first time in Bigg Boss history that there are 14 contestants still a part of the show even after the third month. The last officially evicted contestant was Gautam Singh Vig. For a few weeks, there is no official eviction going on in the show and the voters of the contestants are disappointed.

The fans were baffled by the news of the contestant Sajid Khan getting Evicted as there were clearly “NO VOTING LINES” opened up for this week. however, there is no official confirmation of the eviction of the contestant Sajid Khan.

However, in the new teaser of Bigg Boss 16, Abdu Rozak is shown eliminated from the house.

Stay tuned for the results in today’s Weekend ka Vaar.

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