MP Govt. Allots Rs 1 Crore for Riot – Affected 


In an effort to maintain peace in Khargone, the MP govt. set aside Rs 1 crore in relief funds for those who have been harmed by the violence. 

Police personnel of different police stations of Khargone initiating foot march to maintain peace and order. 

MP Govt. Allots Rs 1 Crore for Riot – Affected
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The state government of Madhya Pradesh has allocated Rs 1 crore to help those affected by the recent communal violence in Khargone.  

Based on this survey, financial assistance will be provided immediately to the affected people and vendors whose houses, shops, vehicles, etc. were damaged in the violence. 

April 10th, 2022 

A procession passed through the sensitive Talab Chowk area near Jama Masjid in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone city on the festival of Ram Navami. The Raghuwanshi community, who claim to be descendants of Lord Ram, does such a yatra every year.

Due to the sensitive nature of the location, the police would always increase their watch. Even before the march began this year, the Muslim-dominated section of Talab Chowk was barricaded. According to on-the-ground sources, an altercation erupted between the police and one of the parade’s participants, but the procession continued calmly. 

However, the issue arose when a rumour spread that the police had stopped the procession at Talab Chowk, prompting a large crowd to gather. By that time, a second possession, driven by the rumour, had begun to follow the same path.

MP Mandsaur farmers' strike: Shivraj Singh Chouhan announces Rs 1 crore for  victims' families
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A problem arose when the second procession’s schedule clashed with the time of namaz. People leaving the mosque after performing namaz allegedly provoked others taking part in the second Ram Navami procession. Hafiz Mohammad Mohsin, the secretary of the Jama Masjid in the Talab Chowk area, told India Today TV that stone-pelting happened from both sides. 

When the situation at Talab Chowk became untenable, police officers on the scene used lathi-charge and tear gas bombardment. As a result, crowds poured into Tavdi Mohalla, Sanjay Nagar, Gaushala Marg, Anand Nagar, Bhausar Mohalla, and Khaskhaswadi’s tiny streets.

Three different CCTV visuals of the violence were obtained from three different locations. One CCTV footage shows the commotion that ensued following stone-pelting during the Ram Navami parade in the Talab Chowki area. Huge stones were thrown from atop houses to assault people in another CCTV footage recovered from Gaushala Marg. 

On the 17th of April, a week after clashes broke out in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone on Ram Navami, one individual who had been injured in the violence was found dead. 

According to the authorities, the deceased, 28-year-old Ibraish Khan, alias Saddam, had been missing since the turmoil began on April 10th. According to his family, Khan had been observed by his buddies in an injured state near the Kotwali police station.  

Madhya Pradesh: Shivraj Govt Allots Rs 1 Crore Aid For Providing Relief To  People Affected By
Image source – Swarajya

The administration demolished 16 houses and 29 shops, largely held by members of the Muslim minority, citing their involvement in the violence as the reason. 

A curfew was set very immediately, and it is still in effect, with minor relaxations from time to time. Continuing with the practice, the Khargone administration relaxed the curfew for four hours on April 19 morning, after it was imposed in the city on April 17 night following violence during Ram Navami celebrations. 

Since April 14, the local administration has been relaxing the curfew every day for four hours. “The administration had conducted a survey and sent a report to the state government, which has allotted Rs one crore,” said Khargone district collector Anugraha P. 

According to the Government Order (GO), only shops selling milk, vegetables, and medicines are allowed to remain open during the curfew relaxation. Essential products can be purchased in their local shops. 

However, petrol pumps will remain closed and the sale of kerosene will remain suspended at the fair price shops under the Public Distribution System (PDS), the order said. 

Published By : Akshita Katoch

Edited By : Vanshika Sahu

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