Shahrukh khan’s first look from ‘Pathan’ is Out: 56-year-old shirtless makes fans crazy.


Shahrukh Khan’s first look from his  upcoming film ‘Pathan’ 

The 56-year-old is looking amazingly eye catchy and driving his fans crazy with his 8 packs abs look.

 King Khan Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Pathaan’ has fans staring. First of all, the awesome announcement video of this movie came out. After this, the first look of ‘Pathan’ was revealed and now another shirtless picture of SRK from the film has surfaced. Fans have gone crazy after seeing this photo of Shah Rukh.

Yes, Shah Rukh himself shared this photo on his social media account. In this, he is seen flaunting 8-pack abs. How much Shah Rukh sweated for ‘Pathan’, is clear from this photo. Shahrukh is 56 years old, can’t believe it for a moment after seeing this photo.

Shahrukh and Deepika Padukone will be seen together once again in the film ‘Pathan’. John Abraham also plays an important role in this film. This movie is releasing on January 25 next year. Apart from this, two more films of Shahrukh are coming to the audience in the coming time. He will also be seen in Jawan and Danky. Obviously, Shahrukh’s fans are super excited.



Ques1. Who is the actor and actress in the film?

Ques2.  Who directed the film?

Ques3. What is the release date?


Ques1. Who is the actor and actress in the film?

Ans.1. ShahRuk Khan and Deepika Padukon

Ques2.  Who directed the film?

Ans2. Siddharth Anand

Ques3. What is the release date?

Ans3. 25 january 2023



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