NAT and CHAN O CHA are at loggerheads


Tanat “Nat” Thanakitamnuay came on the grounds against the government’s poor management in the Covid-19 pandemic and demanding the Prime Minister’s resignation. 

Nat has assumed the leadership of the student’s movement

Tanat Nat gained popularity after the Coup that took place in Thailand in the year 2014. He is the ultra-royalist and is again on the pavilion with his new plan of reforms in the Monarchy. The mishandling of the pandemic by the government has strengthened the anti-government feeling in the hearts of people. 

Reasons for the anger among royalists

Nat stated in a public meeting that an incompetent PM is too bad for mental health. His anger is the mismanagement of the coronavirus outbreak, which caused 12000 deaths in the country apart from an economic crisis.

 Nat revitalized the student’s movement that started last year to curb the powers of king Vajiralongkorn’s Monarchy. They demanded General Prayut, who was army chief and seized power after the Coup of 2014. 

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a brief hiatus in the movement, as restrictions curtailed the gatherings and demonstrations. The joining of Nat to the activism has again instilled life in it. 

The economic consequences have widened the domain of the movement as people from every sphere has joined it. 

The government’s stand

The deputy secretary of Prime Minister, Anucha Burapachaisri, defended the PM by asserting that the government has taken all the necessary steps to tackle the coronavirus. According to the poll estimates, only 30 per cent of citizens rely on the government led by Prayut. Prayut refuses to entertain the poll results, labelling it as a conspiracy against it by the opponents. 

Nat proclaimed in the streets of Bangkok that the lack of democracy affects everyone despite the fact of changes in income. 

Nat’s Family background

Nat belongs to a HiSo family (an elite from high society). He is a son of a billionaire. His appearance in the protests differs from the other youth activists as his secretaries and bodyguards surround him. 

Student activist Yajai uttered that Nat’s great attitude was shocking initially. Still, he realized that his support of the movement is quite beneficial as it will pave the way for others. He further added that Nat shows the path of reformation to others, and they all are under an inclusive bond with each other. 

Nat proclaimed that he is pretty suspicious about all those who are supporting the monarchy system. Moreover, he also joined the calls, asking for the removal of blasphemy laws dealing with the criticism of the king. The law entails 15 years in jail and could be used against most of the student protesters. 

  After losing his right eye, last month as a tear gas canister hit him at the protest. After that incident, he always covers his right eye with a black eyepatch with three white dashes. It represents the salute to Hunger games that the pro-democracy campaigners adopt. 

In an interview, he said they have to do whatever they can and whatever it takes, and if it costs another eye, he is also okay with it. 

Future Consequences

Now the brawl has started between the defenders of government and Nat. On one side, Nat is asking for the reformation in the Monarchy as the government has failed to handle the pandemic efficiently. It resulted in colossal life and economic losses, which somebody cannot compensate. The pro-democratic campaigners have raised their plan for establishing democracy in the country as they do not rely on the Prayut’ government. 



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