New Jeans: HYBE X Min Hee Jin launches New Girl Group!


HYBE X Min Hee Jin’s New Girl Group “New Jeans” is been announced, the 5-member 4th generation girl group K-pop profile is here!

New Jeans: HYBE X Min Hee Jin launches New Girl Group!
New Jeans Girl Group

HYBE X Min Hee Jin’s New 4th generation girl group is here, the group named “New Jeans”. The group was announced and a surprise music video is dropped as the group embarks on their Journey. The New Girl Group is created by Min Hee Jin who was a creative director and board member at SM Entertainment. Last year, HYBE launched its sub-label titled ADOR which would be headed by Min Hee Jin who joined HYBE in 2019.


New Jeans “Attention” Music Video

New Jeans a New 4th generation girl group launched by HYBE and Min Hee Jin dropped a surprise music video as they embark on their Journey. On July 1, 2022, multiple teasers were released by ADOR that was about an upcoming girl group. Well, as a surprise, ADOR announced New Jeans as their new group. It wasn’t just that, they also dropped their surprise debut music video titled Attention.

The music video begins with the girls having fun as they attend a concert and grab attention with their carefree attitude. The music video then starts with a pop beat of early 2000s music. ‘You Got Me Looking for Attention,” the girls sway, singing rhythmically to the tunes.


Image Source: Twitter

Attention by New Jeans has already achieved over a million views. The music video has a very carefree and introductory feel to its concept which is perfect for a group to introduce themselves to the audience. New Jeans is a five-member girl group. Interestingly, the Agency did not drop any information on the girl group with their announcement.

However, New Girl Group New Jeans has shared a timetable for the release of their first EP. On July 23, 25, and August 1, they will release three new music videos. Their EP will release digitally on August 1, 2022.

About “New Jeans” Member’s Profile:

1. Hani

Image Source: Twitter

The First, Hani is from Vietnam. He is a 04-liner trainee under ADOR and is said to be 17 or 18 years old.

2. Miniji

Image Source: Twitter

Minji is also a 04-liner and ADOR trainee and is a South Korean. Before her debut, her face became familiar among K-pop fans after her appearance on BTS’s “Permission To Dance” MV.

3. Danielle

Image Source: Twitter

Danielle Marsh, also known as Mo Ji Hye, is a 05-liner born to an Australian father and a Korean mother. Her first appearance in the entertainment scene was when she appeared on tVN’s reality show, “Rainbow Kindergarten” in 2011.

4. Haerin

Image Source: Twitter

The information about Haerin is limited, but she is also a South Korean.

5. Hyein

Image Source: Twitter

Born in 2008, Hyein is believed to be the youngest among members. Other than her current name, she became first known in the music scene as U.Jeong, following her initial debut in the kids’ girl group USSO.GIRL in 2017, launched by Kids Planet.

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