Nike Launches Another Hype-Worthy Shoe.


Nike’s distinct and powerful innovations

Nike is a household name in the fitness apparel and footwear industry. Previously named “Blue Ribbon Sports”, the sports brand was launched in 1964 by athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman. For those of you who are curious about the meaning behind its present name, the company named itself after the Greek Goddess of victory – Nike. 

It is an American multinational company whose value as of 2020 was more than USD 32 billion, earning them the crown of being the most valuable brand in the sports industry. The secret behind the company’s success is its strategic marketing and branding plans.

From their eye-catching slogan and logo – the Swoosh- to jaw-dropping collaborations in the entertainment and fitness industry, Nike is one of the pioneers of innovation and statement fashion.

Some of their iconic associations include the launch of the Nike Air Jordan with the legend himself Michael Jordan and their recent collaboration with the French fashion brand Louis Vuitton linking the world of high fashion and sneakers.

Apart from these, Nike has also been instrumental in setting various trends, especially in street style. Through every generation that Nike has been part of, the company has released products that became the trend or caught the people’s attention. Living in an era of rapid technology and development, Nike also introduced a limited edition self-lacing shoe in 2015 called Nike Mag, a replica of the boots worn in Back to the Future II, followed by the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, another self-lacing smart shoe. It continues to be one of the first companies to release footwear equipped with intelligent technology.

This year too, Nike has taken another step forward by releasing a one-of-a-kind shoe that will automatically change its colour when exposed to sunlight. It’s different and has garnered a massive fan following, especially on Tiktok and Instagram reels, where the footwear owners “flex” it out to their followers.

The real-time magical shoe

Nike decided to expand their beloved “Air Force 1” collection by introducing a pair that changes colour when exposed to UV Light. The overall colour of the sneakers is pure white leather and is low cut in design. There is a soft shade of blue that compliments the plain colouring on the outsole and deubré. When exposed to sunlight, the shoe transforms and changes into a two-toned pair of sneakers. 

The heel overlays are coated in a pastel pink shade, while the Swoosh logo changes from white to match the existing shade of blue. The Nike Air branding is placed on the dog tag and the rear, not straying too far from its original design. The laces have the newest addition of a hangtag in the shape of the swoosh. 

Nike Launches Another Hype-Worthy Shoe. 2
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Called the UV Reactive AF1, it is priced at USD 120, equivalent to INR 8,901. It will be available in retail stores in the U.S from September 17. The shoe has recently witnessed increased popularity due to social media sites like Tiktok and Instagram reels. People upload their reactions and display the shoes’ colour-changing effect. It has quickly become one of the trendiest statement pieces of this season and has given the realm of fashion a whole new dimension.  

More from Nike!

Apart from these magical sneakers, Nike’s latest collaboration is with the rap star Travis Scott and Hiroshi Fujiwara, the influential streetwear designer. The collection – aka the Triple Threat Collab- is considered the most demanded item in the market.

The sneakers are designed to include Scott’s signature backward swoosh and Fujiwara’s iconic colour blue. It will also consist of a three-piece set of apparel – a hoodie, short-sleeve tee and shorts. It is a dream collaboration that brings two people having distinct artistic qualities together to create a swoon-worthy collection that you will not want to miss! 

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