Party Offices Set on Fire in Tripura; BJP- CPM Clash


BJP – CPM Parties collide in Udaipur in Gomati district, Bishalgarh in Sepahijala district, Hapabia and Melarmath areas of West Tripura district on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, a clash occurred among the ruling party BJP and opposing party CPM in Udaipur in Gomati district, Bishalgarh in Sepahijala district, Hapabia, and Melarmath parts of West Tripura district. 

BJP workers assailed fire in two-party offices of CPM and nearly six vehicles. In this clash, ten people got injured among the party people. Bhanu Smriti Bhavan – the CPM state headquarters – and Dasarath Bhavan were put on fire by BJP. State Headquarters of Communist party, Sadar organizational district headquarters, and a resident party office were also allegedly attacked. 

The police issued a lathi charge and burst tear gas shells to fetch the circumstances under control. A report mentioned that a clash occurred among workers of both parties in the Dhanpur and Bashpukur villages of Sepahijala district.

A senior officer reported that they should make a total assessment of this clash. Around six vehicles, including three cars and a few motorcycles, were set to fire at Agartala. The attackers ruined party offices at Bishalgarh and Hapania.

And they set fire on the party office in the Udaipur district. A youth named Mafiz Miah was wounded there. Police filed a case on this violence, and two attackers were arrested and filed suo motu cases. 

Official Twitter handles of CPI (M) and CPI (M) West Tripura tweeted the images and videos of the clash, including the offices set on fire and the houses destroyed by the BJP goons.

During a tweet, CPI(M) said, “They even entered the State office and destroyed furniture. This is a fascistic attack on the main opposition in Tripura to browbeat and silence the CPI(M). They will not succeed.

How it all started?

On Wednesday, Tripura Left Front convener Bijan Dhar said that they had a party meeting at Bishalgarh. BJP workers got a bulldozer on their way back, tore down their district party office gate there and set it afire. They also plundered Partha Pratim Majumder, Party leader’s house.

The party’s youth members executed a rally demanding jobs at Udaipur, but the police stopped the rally as it was help without prior consent. The supporters staged a road blockade. There was enormous tension, and therefore the local district headquarter was attacked.

The clash commenced from Udaipur town after CPI(M) ‘s youth wing Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) organized a march. A few protestors from the rally purportedly attacked a BJP activist. A mob of BJP activists hit back by attacking the DYFI march. Later, CPI(M) party offices in Agartala, Bishalgarh, and Kathalia were destroyed and set ablaze. 

Attack against Journalists

Several BJP leaders and workers attacked the office of Pratibadi Kalam and hurt around four journalists. Anal Roy Chowdhury, editor and publisher of Pratibadi Kalam, filed a case against this attack. FIR mentioned that several instruments and documents were damaged, and attackers set fire on their vehicles.  

The goons were carrying lathis and sharp, deadly weapons. Prasenjit Saha, one of the journalists, sustained severe injuries after being hit on the back of his head by a sharp-cutting weapon. 

According to the FIR, they injured around four Journalists in the clash and destroyed some documents, devices, and CCTV cameras. At the same time, a massive contingent of police remained as quiet viewers. 

Amid outrage from media organizations and senior journalists, Agartala Press Club Secretary Pranab Sarkar said, “If the police do not arrest the attackers within 12 hours, we will launch massive agitations to get justice. The government must compensate the damage done.” 

Hizana Farhath
Hizana Farhath
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