Psychology: Everything is possible, nothing is guaranteed


According to psychology and life facts, Things change people change, friends or foes. Only thing that remains with you or the one you could command is how you treat yourself and others. How you make yourself feel when you are alone. You feel inferior or in power? Do you know yourself well enough? How much self-aware you are? Read this article on this topic to get enlighten. 

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In our life we all have gone through so many experiences. Irrespective of it being a good a bad or an ugly experience, we did learn one thing or the other. If we didn’t learn then it does get repeated over and over again.  

In life everything is possible. The good of the good, the good of the bad, the bad of the bad and the bad of the good. It is a mystery that we all try to solve and find answer for. We all are so insecure and unstable because fact that we try to control the events that happen to us. 

The agony of not being in charge of the thing that belongs to us does make us uneasy and tends us to raise a lot of questions. But the moment we accept the truth and are illuminated by the fact that whatever happens, happens for the greater good. We are eased out. 

Everything is possible, nothing is guaranteed.
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After all these years one thing I know about life is that it is not fair. The candle that lights you in darkness could be blown away without any reason. The teacher who guides you might become a stranger to you on the very next day.  

This happened to me. I met a mentor with whom I had a deep connection and bonding. It was so deep that like a mother and son. We had great empathy. She did pour so much positivity and love on me that I was always on track. Even at the darkest phase of my life, she was the only one I wanted to talk and work with. The concepts she taught in class, I was able to apply in my practical, real life.  

But there were some misunderstandings and miscommunications. She didn’t discuss them. As a result, it kept growing. After successful 3 to 4 months of mentorship things started falling apart. She opted to avoid the conversation on the topic and at the same time changed the way she used to talk with me. 

Everything is possible, nothing is guaranteed.
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As a result of which I was not able to understand what she meant. I tried multiple times to talk and weed out the gap but she was very rigid to the decision that she took in vain. We didn’t talk and the unexpressed emotions took ugly ways to appear. 

The pit of communication gap, was not filled with the cement of understanding, rather it was filled with the water of assumption. As a result, it did widen up. Psychological metaphor.

She did feel bad because she started assuming things. She started thinking that now I no longer follow her or I’m not obedient to her. Because I was bringing up ways to address the situation to which she is allergic.  

The main problem was her mind, she has a habit of exaggerating things on purpose and later she starts perceiving it as reality. She magnified small issues into big things. She irritated and angered herself. And blamed me for the later headaches and bad health.

Very soon the mentorship ceased. That too because of no good reason. She took the decision not to talk in vain. Later changed the approach with which she addressed me. The new approach didn’t work so she got disappointed and angry. 

So, anger and pride robbed her of her wits and us of our beautiful relationship. 

So, this incident is enough to evident the statement that nothing is guaranteed. 

Things change people change, friends or foes. The only thing that remains with you or the one you could command is how you treat yourself and others. How you make yourself feel when you are alone.

Do you feel inferior or in power? 

Do you know yourself well enough? How much self-aware you are? 

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Pushan Sethi
Pushan Sethi
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