Russia establishes a “deconfliction” channel with America to prevent misunderstandings; Crisis Update  


The US and Russian militaries have established clear ways of communication between the countries to prevent miscalculations and mistakes from happening. 

It has been nine days since Russia President Vladimir Putin had launched a scathing attack on Ukrainian territory. He had launched a series of attacks on the Ukrainian Military’s land-based targets.

Till now Russia had successfully entered Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Enerhodar and is moving towards the third largest city of Ukraine Odessa by sea.  

In this context, the Russian military has agreed to establish a form of Syrian “deconfliction” channel to prevent any kind of misunderstanding until the end of the crisis to escalate into a full-time war between both the countries 

“The United States retains a number of channels to discuss critical security issues with the Russians during a contingency or emergency,” a senior Department of Defense official told reporters in a background briefing on Thursday.

“The Department of the Defense recently established a deconfliction line with the Russian Ministry of Defense on March 1 for the purposes of preventing miscalculation, military incidents, and escalation.” 

This is not the first time that the U.S. military had used a stable channel of communication with Russia. The Pentagon had established a similar “deconfliction” channel in Syria with Moscow where Russia is conducting counter-terrorism operations in Syria on the invitation from Damascus since 2015 and the communication channels prevented both US and Russian forces from crossing each other paths in Syria.  

The U.S. European Command would monitor this line of communication as informed by a Pentagon Official. This news came after the U.S. has been trying to establish a form of communication earlier in the week.

According to the recent updates US and NATO have sent forces on the alliances’ eastern borders. The U.S. alone had sent a huge number of troops to Poland, Romania, the Baltic States etc.  

On the flip side, the second round of ceasefire talks did not match the expectations of Kyiv but both parties had reached a humanitarian agreement and would likely give a safe passage to the people in the country.

The United Nations Human rights Council is also deliberating on the number of human rights violations that take place. The Council had decided that a high-level investigation is needed to delve into the number and severity of the humanitarian violations that are taking place due to the crisis. Out of the forty-seven-member council, thirty-two have voted in the favor of the probe. 

 India had abstained from voting in UNHRC on Friday. This further showed that India’s stance in this whole crisis is still unknown, although the western countries are still pondering over the reasons for India’s abstinence and taking a neutral stand, the Indian Foreign Ministry is yet to issue an official statement in this regard.

But this dilemma is not only restricted to India rather China is following the same steps and had abstained from voting in the United Nations Human Rights Council’s voting on Friday. 

On Monday, the post-mortem of Aman was directed at the civil hospital, Ambala city, and the last rituals were also executed. 

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