Russia Targets the Supply of Arms Given to Ukraine by the West


Russia intensifies its attacks as European Union proposed to ban the import of Russian oil 

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Russian forces attacked various parts of Ukraine targeting the supply of weapons given to Ukraine by its western allies. Russia also intensified its offensive in the Eastern region. This move comes after the European Union on Wednesday proposed a ban on importing oil from Russia.

The Russian military commented that it used air and sea launched precision guided missiles. The missiles were used to destroy electricity generation facilities situated on five railway stations. Aircraft and artillery-based attacks were carried out in other parts to target troops and their ammunition.

The defense minister also stated that in Mariupol, Russia has captured a steel mill. Many civilians were evacuated from the mill during the weekend. While another official denied entering the plant.

Ukraine authorities confirmed that attacks in the Donbas region killed 21 people. Russia has increased its offensive over the past week as it prepares to celebrate Victory Day on May 9th. Victory day marks the defeat of Nazis at the hands of the Soviet Union. This year President Putin may either announce a limited victory in Ukraine or increase its offence in Ukraine to a bigger level.

Belarus, the region through which Russia has been conducting the logistics of the war, has announced its military drills amidst the Russia -Ukraine war intensifying. The Defence Ministry of Russia stated that the move does not aim to threaten any of its neighbours.

Russia attacked various regions of Ukraine, including a targeted attack on the city of Kyiv, which is near the Polish border. This region is the main channel through which western arms are brought into Ukraine.

Earlier the city had experienced sporadic attacks. However recently Russia has increased its offensive against the city to block the western supply of arms. The railways were attacked to disrupt the weapons logistics of Ukraine. Russian minister Sergei Shoigu commented to top military brass that the west was stuffing Ukraine with weapons.

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