Ukraine War: 3 Killed in a Missile Strike on Ukrainian Space Plant


Russian long range cruise missiles hit a space plant in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. The missile strike  has claimed 3 lives and injured 15 people, officials say.

Dnipro locals inspect a crater left an alleged Russian military strike in the city, image BBC

Russia has fired long range cruise missiles at Dnipro’s Yuzhmash Space rocket plant. The attack has killed three people , injured 15 others and destroyed nearby residential buildings, Ukrainian officials say. “The rockets hit an industrial plant and a busy street next to it “, said Valentyn Reznichenko, the regional governor. “We are determining the extent of the destruction,” he added.

According to the Ukrainian airforce, Russian bombers in the Caspian sea fired several missiles. Of them four were brought down by Ukrainian air defences. Meanwhile the rest hit the factory at 10 PM. Russians had also fired missiles at Nikopol , south of Dnipro, Ukrainian officials claim. That attack had reportedly killed two people. And in the north missiles hit houses in Chuhuiv, near Kharkiv. Three civilians have died in the attack, Kharkiv’s governor said.

Russia Wants to Cause Maximum Harm: Zelensky

Soon after the attack, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged everyone to listen to air raid sirens and take cover.

“Right now as I am writing this address, there is an air alarm over almost the entire territory of our state. There is preliminary information about hits in Dnipro, Kremenchuk , Kyiv regions, he said on Telegram.Zelensky also said in his nightly address that Russia’s sole intent is to cause “maximum harm.”

“ The occupiers are realizing that we are becoming gradually stronger. The purpose of their (Russian) terror is simple. They want to put pressure on us , our society, to intimidate our people. cause maximum harm to Ukrainian cities so long as Russian terrorists are capable of doing it,” he said.

Yesterday’s attack comes  two days after an alleged Russian missile strike in Vinnytsia. It had reportedly killed 23 people. According to the Ukrainian military, Russian submarines in the Black Sea region had fired multiple missiles. While Ukrainian air defences shot down some on them, the rest struck an office block in Vinnytsia.

( Inputs, BBC, Al Jazeera)



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