Ukrainian forces deal Russian military major blow during operation


A 40-mile convoy of Russian tanks and totally different vehicles vulnerable Ukraine’s capital Tues, the sixth day of the war.

But at identical time as Russia intense firing of the country’s second-largest city, the Kremlin has found itself additional and additional isolated by strong economic sanctions that have sent its currency plummeting.

After a primary, five-hour session of talks between Ukraine and Russia yielded no stop at intervals the fighting, either facet in agreement to a unique meeting in returning days.

Ukraine’s embattled president, however, said he believed the stepped-up firing was designed to force him into concessions.

Russia’s 40-Mile Long Tank Convoy Closes In on Kyiv as Bombing Intensifies in Kharkiv

“I believe Russia is trying to position pressure (on Ukraine) with this simple methodology,”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said late weekday throughout a video address. He did not offer details of the talks that materialized weekday, but he said Kyiv wasn’t able to kind concessions

“when one aspect is hit another with rocket artillery.”

Six days into the invasion, the Russian military’s movements square measure stalled by fierce resistance on very cheap and a surprising inability to dominate the airspace. Many Ukrainian civilians, meanwhile, spent another night huddled in shelters, basements or corridors.

“I sit and pray for these negotiations to complete successfully, so as that they reach degree agreement to complete the slaughter,”

said Alexandra Mikhailova, weeping as she clutched her cat throughout a shelter in Mariupol. Around her, of us tried to console children and keep them heat

The Kremlin has doubly in as many days raised the specter of nuclear war associate degreed placed on high alert Associate in Nursing arsenal that options worldwide flight missiles and long-range bombers.

Stepping up his rhetoric, President pol denounced the u. s. associate degreed its allies as Associate in Nursing “empire of lies.”

Meanwhile, degree embattled Ukraine rapt to solidify its ties to the West by applying to affix the eu Union — a principally symbolic move for presently, but one that won’t sit well with Vladimir Vladimirovich solon, World Health Organization has long suspect the u. s. of trying to tug Ukraine out of Moscow’s orbit.

A high Vladimir Vladimirovich solon aide and head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, said that within the primary talks management between the sides since the invasion, the envoys

“found sure points on it common positions could also be expected.”

He said they in agreement to continue the discussions at intervals the times ahead.

As the talks on the Belarusian border committed, several blasts could also be detected in Kyiv, and Russian troops advanced on the city of nearly 3 million.

The convoy of armored vehicles, tanks, artillery and support vehicles was seventeen miles (25 kilometers) from the center of the city and stretched relating to forty miles, in step with satellite imagination from Maxar Technologies.

People in Kyiv lined up for groceries once the tip of a weekend curfew, standing at a lower place a building with a agape hole blown in its aspect.

Kyiv remained “a key goal” for the Russians, Zelenskyy said, noting that it had been hit by three missile strikes on weekday that several saboteurs were roaming the city.

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