What is parental engagement?


While the distinction between bad and good parenting might be a never-ending argument, there are some things that any parent would agree are terrible and should not be included in their parenting routine. 

good parenting

Bad and Good Parents

It’s horrible when parenting becomes a burden rather than a source of inspiration for a child. When youngsters try to run away from their parents instead of looking up to them, it’s a sign that you understand something is wrong with parenting. 

Under or over-involvement: It is considered bad parenting to get overly engaged in your children’s lives or isolate yourself entirely from them. Being a stern disciplinarian to your children can expand the communication gap between you and them while being overly pleasant will narrow it. In any case, the children’s parental connections will be severed. As a result, every parent should be aware of the best methods for dealing with children. 

How can you see the apparent indications of bad parenting? 

Punishment: The American Academy of Paediatrics advises against using “aversive” punishment measures like screaming and spanking. Not only have studies shown that they are ineffective, but they can also have long-term detrimental consequences. When children are subjected to such penalties, they are more likely to develop violent behaviour as adults. 

Inconsistency: As parents, stick to them if you’ve set specific ground rules. Make no rules and then break them in front of your children. They’ll pick up on your inconsistency with rules, pledges, and obligations if you don’t follow them. Even if you breach the rules, make sure you assign a penalty. Set a good example for your youngster by not breaking the rules. 

Not being careful of moods: Parenthood is the most challenging phase in one’s life. While on the one hand, being a parent demands all your energy and hard work. On the other hand, it requires you to be a role model for your child. Do not let your mood make you appear vulnerable before your kids. If you are upset, make sure you are not venting out the frustration before your child. 

Limited interaction: Many parents may not have enough time to chat with their children because of their demanding work schedules. While engagement with children is rarely a huge issue in large joint families, a youngster in a nuclear family with both parents working has less time to interact with them. Due to a noticeable communication gap, children either keep their worries or search for friends or other family members to confide in. 

Giving expensive gifts: It is common to see parents try to compensate for their children’s lack of contact and engagement by giving them expensive gifts. They believe that providing expensive presents would maintain parental links with their children. Still, the fact is that it will make children reliant on costly things, which will eventually develop into an overwhelming craving. 

 Comparison: The golden rule of parenting is never to compare your child to other people’s children. Whether it’s a school play or a maths test, a child’s aptitude should never be used to judge a parent’s effectiveness. Instead of obsessing about what their children’s neighbours are doing, parents should celebrate their children’s natural abilities. 

In a nutshell, parenting is a highly individual experience. Every parenting style has its own set of guidelines and routines. However, a unifying goal is to produce a kinder, softer, and better generation. 

“It’s natural to struggle with discipline at times – every parent does. Solicit assistance anytime you require it. Your paediatrician, as well as family, friends, and behavioural health specialists, can be helpful. It takes a village to raise a child; everyone requires assistance at times “Claire McCarthy, MD, Harvard Health Publishing’s Senior Faculty Editor, states.



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