Why does Germany neglect to send war tanks to Ukraine?


Germany neglects to send war tanks to Ukraine as it considers the war would lead to adverse effects. Considering Putin’s statement on using nuclear weapons, Germany overlooks the war as a critical danger.

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany reported that it would be dangerous to send war tanks to Ukraine. Germany refuses to send war tanks to Ukraine in order to prevent a war between Russia and NATO.

In recent days, Ukraine has recaptured the regions in the eastern part of the country that were captured by Russia. As a result of Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons in the war, Ukraine approaches Germany for assistance in sending war tanks to the battle.

Being a member of NATO, Germany neglects to aid Ukraine by providing war tanks. However, Germany has constantly assisted Ukraine by providing military forces and weapons.

It has invested over 700 million euros worth of military arms and special weapons in Ukraine. The advanced guns provided by Germany helped Ukraine recapture the areas in the east.

The lead from Ukraine is only because of the military aid from Germany. In spite of the constant military support, Ukraine asks for the war tanks to enter the regions of the territory captured by the Russians.

As winter is approaching, Ukraine is in need of recapturing the territories as soon as possible.

Several controversies are set against neglecting to send war tanks to Ukraine. People in the ministry also disagree with the Chancellor’s decision.

Most of those in Ukraine’s army believe that Germany is set to maintain a mutual consent with Russia rather than aid Ukraine to set back Russian forces.

There could be a lot of disagreement. But the real reason behind neglecting to send war tanks to Ukraine could only be one.

Scholz’s only aim is to avoid the escalation war between NATO and Russia. And that’s the reason he neglects to send war tanks. 

He has been the chancellor of Germany since 2021 and follows a unique pattern of leadership. He was once applauded for a wise decision made by the announcement of a rearmament programme.

In an interview with the New York Times, Scholz stated that leadership does not rely on what people ask for; leadership is about taking the right decisions.

Germany will continue to provide its support to Ukraine by means of military forces and weapons. However, it will not send war tanks to Ukraine as it could result in the escalation of the war between NATO and Russia.

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