Why is education getting so expensive?


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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Education is an open guide to understanding the world around us which is an important part of every human’s life and should be provided for the betterment of an individual and society. In India before education was just accessible to either the people belonging to the upper caste section or just to boys. As it came to the notice of the government as well when people started emphasizing more the education of the girl child and their empowerment from education, girls were slowly sent to school. Generally, in most cases, boys were also not allowed to go to school as both males and females had a responsibility that was given more importance at that time.

Stereotypes that affected children’s education

Boys were generally included in agriculture activities, which were rich then, and girls were educated about how to take care of the house and family members. As time passed when westernization happened in our country that started focusing more on inculcating educational sense into people. By that time people started putting more emphasis on education. First, it started happening by sending the male child as people weren’t comfortable sending their daughters and had stereotypes related to educating the daughter. 

Many people still don’t send their daughters to school as according to them daughters are to be married off and sons are the ones who play the main role in earning for the family but to a greater extent, these stereotypes were broken at some point in time, as they started thinking from a different lens which welcomed women or a girl child to get themselves educated. Because education is something that is a primary need of an individual to exist in a society, utmost knowledge is required everywhere. 

Then why are we making education so expensive that half of the students are not even getting it properly because of extremely high fees taken by educational institutions and some of the institutions also take a donation fee?  In the beginning, education used to be free of cost in most cases, as students were not coming that much but when this became an important thing then now the system is depriving some students due to the high fee structure. 

Options like home tuition or a tuition center have also entered into the circle now they are highly working which generally takes place after school hours. These tuition centers help to give the child one on one focus to educate them properly as the classroom has approximately 40 students and because of that, not every student is given the attention.

Capitalism’s impact on Education

Who is killing the education system?

As capitalism shook hands with our country everything started coming with a cost from education to food items everything started coming with an essential cost out of which people who are selling it are also earning and its chain of earning forms. All options for providing education are open, and some steps are even taken by the government also, But private institutions are more in demand. 

When it comes to the latter education some people are seen not to continue their studies because of the same economic reasons. Universities are known for earning less than thousands and lakhs of fees from the students who are there to acquire an education.

 As the competition also has risen a lot, competitive exams also gained a lot of importance be it for engineering, medical, or government jobs even though that competitive exam’s question papers, guides, and books has also a cost attached to them. It is best not to judge educational institutions, but things like bag books, pencils or pens have again gained their costs also, it works well for children with a good or a middle economic background but what about the children who are barely given anything to eat?

NGO for Education

Even some non-government organizations and NGOs are also working toward providing education in which some students come together and educate children who cannot afford the high Mountains of education. These situations where education also has a cost attached to it are now acting as a very bad part of society which is depriving a section of society to gain the knowledge he/she/they should be given.


Vrinda Sharma
Vrinda Sharma
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