‘Wordle’ is the first big Trend of 2022, Says Twitter


What is Wordle?

Wordle is a big trend on Twitter nowadays, and Indians have taken it in a big way from January 2022. People are getting crazy for this game; everyone is in this game. They are playing it very passionately. 

Because they are enjoying on an extreme level, they Believe that this game is not like other games which are just for enjoyment and not knowledgeable; by playing this game, they are getting knowledge of new words every day, which is good for them.

Players are brainstorming to get their word correctly, and while doing this, they are pleased to share their achievements with others. Many Bollywood stars enjoy this game, and they are happy to share their achievements with their friends and fans.

By seeing their favourite actors, singers, sports persons etc. Their fans also started playing this game and beat their famous personalities.  

Why ‘Wordle’ is big trend of 2022? according to Twitter

Wordle has been trending all over Twitter in green, yellow and grey coloured square emoji’s being a party of many tweets over the past few weeks. Twitter has confirmed that the game is the first viral trend of 2022.

The word guessing game has caused quite a stir with people sharing their achievements on social media, tutorials, strategies are being discussed, and stories about its origin.

Twitter revealed the data; since its release on October 21, “Wordle” has been mentioned a total of 840,000 times across the platform. November saw a spike of 773,000 tweets using these yellow and green coloured boxes within the game.

Numbers also prove that Indian Twitter seems to find Wordle their new passion in 2022. In, India 96 per cent of Wordle conversation on Twitter took place in January 2022. The obsession has increased steadily with around 48 per cent of daily average growth in Wordle discussion in the country. 

If we see the history of Wordle, it used as a Love story, Brooklyn based software engineer whose name was Josh Wardle created a word guessing game for himself and his partner, Month after Playing it, the game was made available for the public in November, after getting launched there was a massive surge in users, accumulated over 3,00,000 players. 

The game play

The Online puzzle game is completely free to play and requires a player to guess the five-letter word. There will be a Word which is for every player worldwide. The update a new word everyday itself. There is a time limit for every word, 24 hours, which means that every word is there for just 24 hours. You can read about tips on how to ace the game.  

  • Right and wrong are selected using colours;
  • Yellow colour means that you guessed the letter right, but the placement is wrong.
  • The Green Coloured tile indicates that you guessed it right.
  • A grey coloured tile stands that the letter you thought is not the part of a word.
  • Each user gets six attempts to guess the word right, upon which they win the game, and they can share the achievement online.  

As Twitter has highlighted, sharing one’s “Wordle” result of the day has become a favourite activity for many Indians. It is considered as the morning sudoku or quiz. When the user shares their results with another, Wordle shows only the number of guesses, it took time, and what path it followed, including the number green, yellow, and grey tiles.  






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