Indians stranded in Ukraine have been requested to fill out this form ‘immediately’ in order to be evacuated. 


Indians stranded in war-torn Ukraine should fill out a Google form with all of their information as soon as possible in order to be evacuated, the Indian embassy in Ukraine said on Sunday.  

The Indian embassy’s official Twitter account uploaded a Google form asking for basic information such as name, passport number, and current location. 

“All Indian nationals who are still in Ukraine are requested to fill in the details provided in the attached Google Form on a URGENT BASIS,” the Indian embassy tweeted.  

“Be Safe, Be Strong,” the tweet said.  

Indian nationals must submit their email address, full name, age, gender, passport number, address in Ukraine, contact number in Ukraine, and contact number in India on the Google form.  

On Sunday, the number of refugees fleeing Ukraine was projected to surpass 1.5 million, as Kyiv asked the West to tighten sanctions and send additional armaments to counter Russia’s 11-day assault.  

Ukrainian police have reported numerous casualties as a result of Russian shelling and air raids in the northeast Kharkiv region, while the United Nations World Health Organization has reported several attacks on Ukrainian hospital facilities.  

People who were able to flee Ukraine poured into neighboring Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and other countries, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who urged people in Russian-occupied areas to fight.

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