The European government gave automatic weapons stinger anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine. 


The European Union and other NATO countries have been making public donations to Ukraine to show their support.  

Worldwide now a lot of government organizations have been debating and discussing how can they protect the line of succession in Ukraine if President Vladimir Zelensky is captured or killed by the Russian government or army.

Whereas Everyone’s new primary concerns are about the Russian government because now they are finding a way to install a puppet leadership in Kyiv, the capital.

Officials say that having an independent leader to recognize will help to prevent any kind of Russian-backed leader from gaining validity. 

The presence and speeches of Mr. Zelensky have been key factors in keeping up the morale of the Ukrainian military and people officially.

The main focus is on securing secession, which comes because Ukraine’s constitution is unclear on the issue and because President Zelensky has said he does not want to be evacuated.

He memorably joked that I needed ammunition, not a ride. US officials deny that they ever offered the president an evacuation or advised him to leave Ukraine. 

Whereas western governments have applauded Putin’s resolve to stay and fight as Russian troops tried to advise across the country. The European, US, and Britain union would not recognize a Russian-backed government.

A legally recognized leader of a free Ukraine will make it easier for the United States to work with allies to undermine a Moscow-controlled government in Kyiv.

Some practical and legal issues are also at play. The European Union and other NATO countries have been making donations to Ukraine publicly to show support.

European countries also sent automatic weapons, stinger anti-aircraft weapons, and various anti-tank missiles to demonstrate that allies are intent on bolstering Ukraine’s ability to damage Russian military forces.

Edited By : Kiran Maharana

Published By : K. Bindhiya Prarthana






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