Upcoming Co-Branding Between BMW & Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton, the pioneer in the art of travel, has partnered with BMW I to create a tailor-made set of luggage crafted in carbon fiber for the newly launched BMW i8.

The German car brand has partnered with Louis Vuitton to create a great traveling companion for the hybrid car BMW i8. The revelation of this sports car was at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, which was the first hybrid introduced by BMW. A car that unites the advantages of visionary design and intelligent lightweight engineering.

When both brands work together, nothing is impossible!

For a successful business, co-branding can be an effective marketing strategy. This draws an increasing number of people, raising public awareness for both brands and increasing sales. As we all know, BMW and Louis Vuitton are the richest brands for aesthetic people who are fond of both brands. If we combine them together, that creates a larger audience.

Even a successful partnership could be forged between brands that are truly different from each other. Just have a look at BMW and Louis Vuitton. They are both luxury and qualitative high-end brands. In their partnership, Louis Vuitton designed an extreme masterpiece of a four-piece set of luggage for the BMW i8. The cases and the bags’ designs match the quality and aesthetic appearance and fit perfectly. That’s how brands set a great example of how different brands or types of businesses can work together. to express great values, even if they are simply style and quality.

The luggage is tailored to the BMW i8.

The Exclusive Luggage or Bags were created by Louis Vuitton to be installed in the BMW i8. The “Weekender GM i8”, with both hand and shoulder carry straps, is custom-designed to go into the boot. While the “Garment Bag i8” is a perfect fit for the rear shelf of the BMW i8. The sturdy hard-shell “Business Case i8”, which is also ideal for carrying laptops, matches the shape of the rear seats, while the small “Weekender PM i8” is designed to rest on its surface.


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