• Russia prepared to capture Kyiv since the conflict had arisen. 
  • 64 km long convoy of Russian troops has been captured in the satellite image. 
  • Indian Embassy recommended that the Indian Nationals escape from Kyiv as soon as possible.

Despite the UN’s condemnation and a slew of sanctions, Russian refuses to back down. He has launched a major military operation to take control of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

The Russian Military Convoy, which is 40 miles (64 kilometres) long, is rapidly approaching Kyiv. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, this is the largest military convoy ever sent there. Previously, there had been talk of a 27-kilometer-long convoy. 

Russia has conducted a final war for the annexation of Kyiv, according to satellite photographs supplied by the US private corporation Maxar Technologies. Hundreds of military vehicles, tanks, artillery pieces, and other items make up the 64-kilometer Russian convoy. 

Additional Russian military and ground attack helicopter units may also be seen in southern Belarus, approximately 32 kilometers from Ukraine’s northern border, according to Maxar Technologies.

Let us remind you that the Russian army opened fire on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, on Monday, killing at least seven people and injured scores more. 

On Monday, Russia and Ukraine held talks in Belarus, but no agreement was reached. Ukraine wants Russia’s soldiers to leave the entire country as quickly as possible. Russia, on the other hand, is not prepared for this.

However, there is word that the two countries’ delegations have reached an agreement on several matters, and that a second round of negotiations could be held soon.

Russia, on the other hand, does not appear to want to find a middle ground, based on the way it is attacking. 

‘Russia is attempting to push Ukraine in this basic way,’ Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated in a video message.

There is no scope for anything else when one side is hitting the other with rockets. It is worth mentioning that there had been rumors that Zelensky had escaped the country to avoid Russian retaliation, but he disputed these claims. 

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